Smooth Moves: How to Move Homes When Life Is Busy

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah12 March 2021

Move Homes

If you’re lucky, you only have to move a few times in your life. The process of uprooting your life, organizing all your physical belongings into neat boxes, coordinating their transportation, and then doing the whole thing in reverse on the other side – it’s no small feat.

And it’s doubly stressful when you have other things on your plate. Life doesn’t always slow down to accommodate big life transitions. You may still be working a full-time job, juggling your kids’ busy schedules, caring for an elderly parent, or going through a personal period of upheaval.

To move homes when life is busy isn’t easy, but with some preparation, help, and adjusted expectations, you can make it a lot easier.

Start by Decluttering:


The first thing to do is clear away all the noise – remove the unnecessary items weighing you down that you don’t intend on taking in the move. Clutter can cause added stress and make a move seem more overwhelming than it actually is.

If life is busy, call in the decluttering services from NEATSPACES to help with the job. They will work with you to sort and dispose of unneeded items, leaving you with a clear, organized starting point upon which to pack.

Give Yourself a Long Lead Time:

If possible, afford yourself a long lead time for the move. The longer you leave yourself, the more manageable each packing task becomes. If you have months to organize your belongings – as opposed to days – start thinking about moving right away. The longer you leave it, the more last-minute stress will be involved.

Chip Away at Packing:

With a long lead time, you can distribute your energy in short bursts rather than one great packing frenzy. Create a schedule: set aside an hour each day to tackle a small organizational or packing task. Create daily, weekly and monthly goals for yourself. This way, you can more easily integrate the process into your busy schedule.

Hire End-to-End Move Management:

Hire End-to-End Move Management:

As the move date approaches, consider hiring an end-to-end move management service. Remember that decluttering service you hired to get started on the right foot? Chances are they also offer concierge-level move management.

An end-to-end move management service takes care of each step of the process. They coordinate moving supplies, packers, movers and cleaners, and even help you unpack and set up your new place. Not everyone has the luxury of a day off for their move – not from work, and certainly not from personal responsibilities. Having an end-to-end move management service there to help can be a great relief.

Expect Change:

Finally, even with ample preparation and a few helping hands, there will still be a period of adjustment to endure. Don’t expect to start living in a pristine, unpacked home right away. An end-to-end move service can help you set up your new home, but it may be a while before it looks and feels like your own. That’s okay. If you go in with the mentality of expecting and embracing change, you won’t be frustrated when, say, you can’t readily find your favorite mug!

Life is busy. There will always be people, obligations, and personal emotions that vie for your attention. If you have a big move approaching and aren’t sure how to fit it into your busy schedule, give yourself permission to take two very important things: time and help.

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