4 Things A Kid Needs At Elementary School

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Elementary School

Succeeding at school is essential for your child’s future, and there are things they need to make the most of their education. Remember the items mentioned below, so your child has what they need for success at school.

1. Backpack


Kids who are just starting elementary school need a backpack that is organized and fits well. Some standard backpacks can be too large for children under 5. You don’t want to weigh your child down with a backpack that’s too big. 

Make the selection of the backpack a fun event for the child and make sure it’s the right size. Then, when they get bigger in a couple of years, you can purchase a standard-size backpack. 

 2. School Supplies

According to their grade level, every school has a list of school supplies each child needs. But you should not assume that what your child needs will be the same as their older sibling a few years ago.  Obtain the list from the school website for that particular teacher. 

Most elementary school children will need items that include assignment folders, pencils, pens, composition notebooks, colored pencils, crayons, highlighters, markers, scissors, and three-ring binders. 

3. Electronics At School

Cell phones and electronics often are brought to school, but they can be misused. Therefore, it’s essential to check with the teacher to know their policy about the electronics the child can have on school grounds. 

Some classrooms have computers that students use, but others may not. Likewise, some schools ask kids to bring a laptop or iPad to school, but others may provide them. 

Also, many teachers require students to bring headphones to listen to lessons in private on their tablets or computers. 

Children generally need internet access at home to get their schoolwork done but make sure you monitor and limit their online activities to keep their focus on school. 

4. Lunchbox


The lunchbox needs to fit easily inside the backpack, or it may be strapped on the front. It may be lost if the lunchbox isn’t in or on the backpack. 

A quality lunchbox should be waterproof and won’t leak food or drink into the backpack. Some backpacks are sold with a lunchbox that matches, and young children like this.

In addition to the supplies above, below are some school supply tips from teachers to remember: 

  • Many stores have the school supply list for your child’s school and grade. In fact, some stores may have the lists in folders in the school supply section. But you shouldn’t assume that your store will have it, so go to the school website to download the list or get a screenshot. 
  • Many teachers don’t want your kid’s name on their school supplies. Unless the instructor requests such, it may not be ideal for the child’s name to be on most things. Many standard school supplies for young kids, such as pencils and crayons, will be dumped in a community bin. 
  • The teacher will love it if you send your child to school with pre-sharpened pencils. 
  • Only buy blunt-tip scissors for small children. The more kids running around with regular scissors, the more likely an accident will be. 
  • Don’t buy trendy folders, such as ones with cute kitties on them. These types of folders lead to disagreements and fights at school. Instead, it’s best to have your child choose their favorite solid-color folder and leave it at that. 

Remember these school supplies and additional tips, so your child is off to the best start for the school year. 

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