5 Things You Should Have On Your Study Desk At All Times

Education by  Arnab Dey 28 February 2022

Study Desk

A study desk is a sacred space for a student.

It is where you do your homework, study the books, or do your art and craft projects.

In fact, students love decorating their study desks because it makes them feel like they have a separate corner entitled only to them where no one else is allowed.

Children also use the student desks to surf on their computers, play games, or read a storybook.

But, are you having trouble organizing your study desk?

Don’t worry, we are here for you.

Keep scrolling this article and determine which things will look good on your study desk.

Things To Have On Your Study Desk

You can decorate your study desk with the essentials like books, pen stands, and study lamps, or you can put luxurious items like essential oils that will soothe your stress when you are having a hectic day.

We will cover everything on this list, so let’s find them out here:

1: Computer


It doesn’t matter if you have a desktop or a laptop; keeping the computer on the study desk is always mandatory, especially if you use it for educational purposes.

Now, as a student, we don’t recommend you watch films or web series on computers, so if it is used for educational purposes only, you can easily put them on the study table.

There’s another thing you can do to make the computer look more attractive.

You can put stickers around it to give your computer a personalized touch. If people come to your room and look at your computer, they will know it belongs to you and only you.

2: Study Lamp

Study lamps are another essential item that you should put on your study desk because they are meant to help people study.

When it’s night, and you have to share the room with your sibling, you can’t turn the light on and study the whole night because it will disturb others’ sleep.

This is why a study lamp is essential. It’s easy to turn on, it illuminates only a specific area, and you can even keep it turned on for the whole night as dim light.

A study lamp is also a perfect decoration for your study desk, and you can choose whichever style deems best to you.

3: Pen Stand

We understand if you are doing all your assignments online, but having a pen stand on a study desk is almost always mandatory, no matter how little you use it.

Even if you don’t use it to write your assignments, there are always other uses.

You can use the pens to write all about your day in a journal or use it to write a poem in your diary and nurture your creative persona.

Pen stands come in various designs, so you can choose a classic, edgy pen stand if you want or go for a wooden stand to highlight the vintage look.

4: Flowers And Plants

Flowers And Plants

It’s always good to look at a bit of greenery when you are enclosed in your room, studying all day.

This is why keeping flowers or small plants on the study desk are good because they can lift the strain off your eyes and act as a balm on your stressful schedule.

You can choose a designer flower vase or a plant tub if you want, or you can be crafty and design one yourself.

Make sure you take care of the flowers and the plants so that they don’t die in your sacred space.

5: Diary

You may not keep your books at the study desk because you have a bookshelf for them, but having a  diary on the desk is necessary.

You may not even write anything in it, but what about those times when you feel like doodling something, and there’s nothing to work on?

A diary will help you during those times.

On top of that, you can also note essential things down on it when you study on the computer.

Happy Studying!!!

Now you are all set to decorate your study desk and be happy with the purpose it serves.

You may be unsure about some of these items and can replace them with other things that you deem essential.

But, if you need more information, you can ping us in the comment section.

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