Know the Importance of Making Notes

Educationby Ariana Smith13 November 2020

Making Notes

Well, have you ever tried making short notes and have always failed? Do you think making short notes is important? Let’s find out. There are many people out there who find writing notes a waste of time whereas some others don’t know how to make short notes and end up writing the whole book. You must understand the importance of making notes if you are planning to appear for UGC NET.

The University Grants Commission holds the examination of the National Eligibility Test for those who wish to hold a PhD degree. The UGC NET is an entrance test inviting lakhs of students to apply and make their profession in the field of education as a lecturer in Universities. The PhD holders are also known as Academicians as their thesis contributes to the nation’s interest. They are highly reputed in society. You must need an academic mind to crack the entrance test. The test is now a computer-based test and technical challenges have increased. It comes with Multiple Choice Questions which makes it mandatory to make notes on keywords. So, Let’s go ahead.

Know the Importance of Making Notes

Notes are Handy

Notes are handy when it comes to traveling or last-minute revision where the chances are more to forget the answers. These notes become handy and portable to carry them anywhere at any time. You can read or revise your syllabus at any point in time to give an edge to your study. Also, it is seen that whenever you are surrounded by and what you are determined for, you achieve it easily. So, keep yourself surrounded by your handy and portable notes to enhance your study experience.

Remember Key Points

The notes are written in the short and crisp language. It consists of key points of any topic that helps you remember the answer for a longer time than usual. However, you still need a regular revision to avoid recalling an answer in order to save time during writing answers. The key points are always the way to get through your exams. They help you memorize the thing easily.

Last Minute Revision

Well, a last-minute revision of your whole syllabus is possible just because you have made notes. Though making notes is not an easy task but whenever you do, it is proved to be a boon. The notes consist of key terms that are used in framing your answer. You remember it easily because you have a word to learn and not a sentence by heart. This last-minute revision should be stopped before 30 minutes as you need your mind to calm and relax. A stressed-out mind will let you remember only the last-minute read and not the entire syllabus.

A Formulae Set

The UGC SET Exam comes with the challenging task of answering mathematical and logical reasoning problems. To solve these, you need a number of formulas that you might have forgotten up till now. In order to memorize it, you need to have a set of formulas that will be for your ready reference. This ready set of formulas will be beneficial for all who aspire to attempt UGC NET someday.

Follow a Pattern

You can create a pattern in your notes in order to memorize the words easily. The pattern is usually created using initials of the word or say an abbreviation is created to mug up easily. You may also use symbols in your notes to answer. The symbols derived for the answers could help you better if you are the one who loves mathematical angles.

Thorough Revision

Making notes helps you in revising any topic immediately. You can start and revise your portion at any point in time picking any topic as your start point. Ensure that your written notes are meant for yourself and not for others. You have taken efforts in making notes so you deserve to score better.

Now, that you know what is UGC NET and why taking notes is important you must check the UGC NET Eligibility Criteria before applying. Remember, that making notes is for your betterment. It gives you a clear picture of just a couple of minutes. So, Read and keep on making notes and revise it on a proper interval.

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