5 Ways To Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party A Hit

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Children’s birthday parties are a lot of fun…for the kids.

They can quickly become a nightmare for the adults involved, from the birthday kid’s parents trying to find just the right themed balloons to the parents of invited kids scrambling to get a gift the day of.

Checkout Five Prime Ways To Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party A Hit

Child's Next Birthday Party

Here are a few tips to ensure your next kid party is a big hit.

1. Location Is Key

If you live in an apartment and are trying to invite ten kids over for hours of playing and consuming sugary treats, you might find out that you’ve made a big mistake.

One of the biggest components of planning a successful birthday party is ensuring that you have the right location. Chuck-E-Cheese might be what the kids would vote for, but is it a convenient or pleasant location for the parents involved?

The gymnastics and trampoline park parties have a lot going for them, but unless you’re prepared to sign wavers and keep your eyes peeled at all times, they can be more stressful than they’re worth.

Locations like parks, where kids can play on playsets, and run around, and there’s plenty of space for picnic tables and blankets, are a great idea during warmer weather. If the weather is a concern, a crafting party at a local pottery studio can be fun, plus kids can take home their creations at the end.

2. Don’t Get Hung Up on Themes

Your child may have one big thing they’re obsessed with these days, whether it’s Paw Patrol or the newest Barbie. That’s a great place to start when you’re picking a theme, but if the idea of hunting down niche paper cups to perfectly fit your theme is stressing you out, feel free to ditch it.

Think about it – is your child going to be happier with the perfect dinosaur napkins, or will generic green ones work just as well? It’s likely that a lot of the stress and pressure you feel leading up to an event like this is self-induced. Take a breath and remember that what really matters is your child having a great day.

3. Involve Your Child in the Planning

If you’re a creative person who loves hosting and planning parties, it’s easy to get carried away with the possibilities and neglect to get your child’s input on their own party.

Make sure that at least the initial planning steps involve your child. Ask questions about what they enjoy doing most with their friends. You might want a face painter and a bouncy house, but they might be perfectly happy with a backyard sprinkler and some water guns. 

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4. Don’t Require Gifts

This tip is only relevant if the concept of gift-giving is stressful to you (or your child). For smaller parties, a few gifts might be totally fine and not overwhelming at all. But if you like having big parties with tons of kids, parents, and relatives attending, your child might end up with a mountain of gifts to open.

Not to mention you’ll probably end up with duplicates of themed gifts. Then you’ll have to find somewhere to store all these things when your child eventually loses interest in them.

If that’s you, feel free to emphasize “no gifts, please” on your party invitations. Some folks might still insist on bringing a gift, but you’ll cut down significantly on the amount and probably end up with more thoughtful gifts in the end. Plus, this is a thoughtful way to relieve parents who can’t financially afford gifts for all their child’s friends.

5. Embrace the Mess

Unless you’re a professional, your party probably won’t go 100% as planned. You may end up with some crying kids, spilled drinks, and crumbs on the couch. It’s easy to let these things stress us out, but it’s important to learn how to step back and just let it be. You can clean tomorrow – for now, enjoy the happiness this party brought your child. 

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