The Must Have Rain Jackets For Mountaineers

Fashionby Ariana Smith13 December 2018

Rain Jackets

If you love backpacking and prefer to stay outdoors no matter the weather conditions, you need to invest in a quality rain jacket. The rain jackets are useful for backpacking, trail running, ski touring and mountaineering adventures and will keep you safe from rain at all times. The regular jackets you wear for your daily jog are not going to help you when the weather conditions are harsh and extreme. You need an overall winner which will keep you safe from pouring rain. Before you make a decision to park your money in a rain jacket, go through the top choices listed below.

Comparing rain jackets:

1. Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite II:

Mountain Hardwear Quasar Lite II

This is a super comfortable jacket with ultra stretchy fabric and breathes better than most without having to build up a lot of heat. It is versatile for your use and has a function focused pocket design. It is a hot favorite for most mountaineers.

2. Paradox Men’s jacket:

Paradox Men’s jacket

This paradox rain jacket is breathable and is waterproof as well as windproof. Most importantly, it is light in weight and is easily compressible. The jacket has a 2.5 layer system which is created by adding the breathable coating to the fabric. It has a light fabric which will protect you through the waterproof barrier. It is considered as the first line of defense in case of precipitation. It has a fabric which will block the water and wind on the outside while protecting you and keeping you warm and dry at all times.

3. Patagonia Storm Racer:

This rain jacket is light in weight and has an incredible size. It gives you an excellent freedom of movement and is breathable and highly comfortable. It has a hood which helps maintain good peripheral vision. However, it is not considered to be very durable because the hood does not fit over the bike and the stuff sack comes with a large pocket.

These three are the top rain jackets available in the market today. If you are preparing for a hike or heading outdoors, you need to get your hands on one of the versatile and breathable jackets. They are available at an affordable rate and will keep you safe throughout different weather conditions. Whatever your budget, you will be able to find a jacket that fits your needs on wetlandtools. They offer an extensive collection of jackets and equipment that are fit for your needs of mountaineering and other adventures.

The first step to a successful adventure is to prepare yourself with the essentials that will keep you fit and safe at all times. No adventure can be complete without a versatile, breathable rain jacket that is light in weight and works as promised. A rain jacket is supposed to keep you dry and warm at all times and if it does not do so, you have wasted your money. Consider the weather and temperatures you might have to face and then pick a jacket that is perfect for your needs.

The above-mentioned lightweight rain jacket can be worn anytime too in the year as it is the one insulated jacket that doesn’t compromise function or fashion. Wear Graphene is an online brand that offers the most fashionable Graphene GAMMA jackets for men and women both.

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