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Frame Changes

Ever wondered why it’s videos with transitions that often get millions of views? For several reasons. The first one is that such videos look dynamic, which is what the active audience of TikTok likes. 

Second – there is an element of surprise and unexpectedness, as it is impossible to predict the picture after the transition. The third is the element of mystery. 

Sometimes, after watching the video, the viewer begins to puzzle over the moment when the gluing is done and revisits the video again and again.

However, in order for all these factors to be present in your video, you need to shoot it well enough and then professionally edit it. For this, you will need a transitions app for TikTok, such as VJump, as well as the tips we will share next.

Basic Tricks To Create A Cool Effect

Create A Cool Effect

The smooth flow of one part of a video into another is a magical moment without exaggeration. However, there is no magic in it – only the skill of the content creator.

Let’s start exploring the main tricks that help in frame changes.

1. No Sudden Movements

The first rule of perfect gluing is smoothness. Forget about sharp and clumsy movements. Use editing programs with smooth transition effects to create a soft and natural connection between scenes. Remember, the less the viewer notices when shots change, the better!

2. Keep The Rhythm And Stay On Track

Like good music, rhythm in video matters. Try to make the frame changes rhythmic so that the overall concept is followed and nothing gets knocked out. If your theme is fun and fast, speed up the transitions. For calmer themes, provide smooth and long moments. Rhythm creates cohesion and synchronicity, making your video enjoyable for viewers.

3. Add Relevant Effects

Effects can be your best friend, but remember that moderation is key. Don’t overload your video with add-ons that will distract from the point. Use them to emphasize important points, making the splices interesting but not intrusive. TikTok editing app will definitely help you with the frame changes..

4. Choose Quality Music

A successful melody is the second breath of your video. Do not forget about the musical accompaniment. Well-chosen music can make the transitions more emotional and exciting. Synchronizing the montage with the rhythm of the music will give your video an extra charm.

All in all, don’t forget that you need to experiment and learn a lot. Study the works of successful bloggers and editors. Learn from your mistakes, and each new video will be better than the previous one. Use TikTok video editor so that it helps you in this challenging endeavor.

How To Edit TikTok Videos

Edit TikTok Videos

TikTok is a great platform that you can leverage. This is why digital creators try their best to ensure that the videos on TikTok are perfect as per their requirements. It is the way the digital craters can leverage TikTok videos in general. There, let’s open the discussion space right from the frame itself and then focus on the video editing section.

Let’s discuss frame changes and the other aspects related to it. 

A. Filming Your Videos 

First, you have to open your TikTok application and click the “+” button so that you can start with the new video. Not only this, but you have to decide on the duration of the video with the help of selecting the most appropriate option that corresponds with your screen. 

They press the record button to the footage on your screen. You can record multiple clicks and then press the button. 

B. Adding The Transitions 

Remember, the transition is one of the most significant parts of video editing. It could be that you are still new to the TikTok editing. The best way to edit the smoother transitions or jumps is to trim your videos.

It can help the subject appear in the same place and that too at the fag end of one clip and that too at the beginning of the next. Again, you can also time your TikTok video filming using the clicks, clacp jumps, camera coves, and also something else so that you signal a completely new transition. 

C. Turn On The Auto Generated Captions

Apart from frame changes, there are some amazing TikTok features, like the auto-generated caption. Hence, you need to choose a transition for the menu. You have to be creative with your goals. It is as simple as anything.

D. Choosing The Right Length And Not Just The Video Frame 

One of the great techniques of successful TikTok video editing is selecting the right length. Before you think of the technicalities, like the frame changes, you have to form a deep understanding of the video length. What is crucial is picking up the right length for your video without being cut short. You can select thirty seconds for a quick change.

E. Ensure That The Equipment And Its Settings Are Done Properly. 

Another important aspect of any video, be it the general or the TikTok videos, is ensuring that the video edits are done under the proper settings.

The interruptions do not just come from not opting for the right lent and that too sing the wrong settings; breaking the creative flow is also very crucial. Pre-select your settings, and after that, check your equipment so that it gives the best results. 

F. Techniques In Recording

Recording the videos on TikTok is not just hitting the big red button. It’s not only the right frame change but also the formats, angles, and equipment that can elevate your content from the ordinary to the zone of extraordinary.

Here, we discuss some of the tips that you can use to capture the content that resonates with dedicated viewers. Apart from the frame changes, you also have to experiment with using the timer, the angles, shooting vertically, and incorporating the B-roll footage. 


Remember that you can always learn how to edit TikTok videos. You don’t have to be a master at it. Just follow our tips, add your own unique touch and you will see how your videos become a real work of art. And VJump will be the best TikTok editing app for this purpose.

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