Photo To Painting: Creative Ways To Create Pet Portrait

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Pet Portrait

You probably have a thousand photos with your pet. Some of them are definitely the kind that is unforgettable. Silly and spontaneous shots have by far been the best shots of your pets. They simply lift your spirit. If you now want to experience your hands-on pet portraits utilizing all the painting skills you have come to the right place for some creativity. After all, pet portraits sure can get boring without a pinch of creativity in it! No matter if you are trying to master the skill or simply trying it for fun, with the help of a few tips and your imagination, you can take your pet portraits to the next level. Here is a rundown on 4 such tips:

1. Include your pet’s best friend in the portrait:

Animals are hilarious when they have a friend over to have fun together. Take the advantage of your pet’s playtime to capture the best shot which you can probably oil paint later. When your pet has its favorite toys and favorite animal around it, you are in for a heart-melting photo session with your pet. Of course, there is no way you can plan this creative session out. But you can be sure to get a few amusing shots. The confusion may strike later when you are unable to decide the best among all the pictures. After you got the funny photos taken, you can make a selection from it and put them in an album. Another great idea is to create a customized photo book on This way you won’t lose the highlights of their fun!

2. Costume shopping:

Pet costumes are a reality! The perfect miniature clothes actually exist out there for your pet. For a fabulous pet portrait, shop for some hoodies, sweaters, pirate costumes, etc. However, to ensure that your pet is comfortable in all that you make it wear.   Add a little more spark to your creativity by accessorizing your pet. You can add many interesting elements such as hats or bows if your pet likes them. You will finally see a magnificent photo to handmade painting in the end.

The after results of the photograph and hence the oil painting, at last, will be amazing. You could also go for some DIY pet costume tutorials online to explore a whole new level of crafting.

3. Create an individual personality for them:

Just like humans, every animal is different as well. They have their own interests, tastes, and also fashion styles. Understanding their uniqueness is important when you want to create a unique pet portrait and transform the photo into a painting.  The results will be as creative as you can get. Make them stand out from their lot. The best way to do this is to reflect your personality on your pet. If you love reading, you could accessorize them with a pair of glasses. For more amazing results, get a few clicks featuring you and your pet wearing the same clothes.

4. Treat them like a pro:

Treat your pet like a professional model who simply wants to look gorgeous and glorious on the front cover of some magazine. During the course of your photo shoot, you could use the light patterns that appeal to you the most. A good photo is an answer to a good photo of a painting. For some eye-catching results capture some expressions that look human-like. These might look hilarious on them but the end results will be worth the try. Appreciate the natural lighting if your pet is not too fond of all the artificial lights. If indoors, curtains and dappled lights can be of great help. All of these add a touch of professionalism to your pet’s portrait.

You do not need to be a professional at all to create some excellent pet portraits. The sillier the photos are, the better it is!

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