Practical Tips for Being a Good Roommate

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If rent costs and other essential living expenses have become unmanageable, taking on a roommate can be a great way to keep your finances in check. Although many roommate arrangements work out reasonably well, a fair number of them go south rather quickly. Unsurprisingly, cohabitating with someone who’s inconsiderate, financially flakey or unwilling to pull their weight can get old fast. However, if you expect your roomie to be respectful of your needs, it’s important to practice what you preach. To prevent yourself from becoming a problematic roommate, put the following pointers to good use.

Practical Tips for Being a Good Roommate:

Be Timely with Rent:

Timeliness with rent is one of the foremost tenets of a good roommate. Having your half of the rent ready to go on the first of every month will provide your roomie with tremendous peace of mind and reaffirm your dependability. Conversely, people who are consistently late with rent frequently draw the ire of roommates and landlords alike. If your roomie habitually failed to have their half of the rent ready on time, this would cause you a fair amount of stress and put you in a very awkward position. That being the case, there’s no reason for you to put someone else through such a headache. Your financial dependability has a direct impact on your roommate’s livelihood and credit score, and a good roommate understands that such trust must not be taken lightly.

Take Responsibility for Your Pets:

Responsibility for Your Pets

It’s important to understand that any pets you own are your responsibility – and no one else’s. Unless your roomie has volunteered to do so, you should never expect him or her to carry out feedings, administer walks or clean up pet-related messes. Furthermore, you should take proactive measures to prevent your pets from bothering your roommate or destroying their possessions. Any belongings or property that is damaged or destroyed by your pets should be paid for out of your pocket.

Anyone searching for an apartment that allows pets is encouraged to carefully review each building’s pet policies. This will ensure that there’s no confusion when it comes to which animals are permitted and what is expected of pet owners.

Keep Your Noise Levels in Check:

Practicing volume control is important in any living situation, but it’s absolutely vital when living with a roommate. For example, if you stay up late but your roomie goes to bed early, make sure to keep your volume at acceptable levels and exercise caution when making your way around the residence. Similarly, if you get up early but your roomie sleeps in, make a conscious effort to avoid waking them up. Lastly, avoid hosting parties and other large gatherings unless you’ve gotten the go-ahead from your roommate.

Taking on a roommate can effectively cut your monthly rent costs in half. Be aware, however, that living with a roommate comes with a number of challenges. Cohabitating with another person is a very different experience from living alone, which means you’ll need to be extra mindful of your actions and how they affect your roomie. Fortunately, practicing the behaviors discussed above can prevent you from exhibiting the tenants of an undesirable roommate.

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