Why a Pre-Sale Detail Is a Must before Selling Your Vehicle

Automotive by  Mashum Mollah 12 March 2021

Pre-Sale Detail

It is now time to sell your car, whether you are looking to upgrade to a younger model or simply to find something different. Whatever your motivations for putting your car up for sale, your underlying desire must be to certify that you are able to get the best price for it that you can. The best-case scenario in this instance would be to walk away with a profit made from the sale, while you realistically aim to at least break even.

Giving yourself the best chance for a favorable outcome will often boil down to the preparations that you make before listing your car on the market.  From the thorough inspection that your mechanic will perform, all are significant to the pre-sale detail that you will commission.

A pre-sale detail’s main purpose is to preserve and even increase the car’s value. Taking the time and spending the money to have professional detailing tackles your car’s appearance. We are all visual creatures. Things that are pleasing to the eye draw our attention faster than something unpleasant. A potential buyer is no different. The better your car looks, the more buyers it will attract, and the less likely it will be to negotiate the price down from what you have listed. In many instances, a thorough pre-sale detail will be enough to convince a potential buyer to pay a higher price for the car than stated! From this, you can take a pre-sale detail to be akin to an investment.

Other than value, the attraction is key. After all, it doesn’t matter how much value you’ve added to the car if no one sees it. The car does have to be seen in order to sell. The pre-sale detail ensures that your car looks its best when you put up the listing. The pleasing appearance will draw more buyers to expressing an interest in the car. With more people taking a look, you are more likely to negotiate and close a sale faster than you would have otherwise. This is also a big advantage in the way it certifies that your car does not end up depreciating in value as it sits in your garage waiting to be sold.

What Is Included In A Pre-Sale Detail?

What is included in a pre-sale detail?

A pre-sale detail includes a complete interior and exterior cleaning process. Inside the vehicle, seats covered in fabric and carpets are shampooed while leather seats get conditioned. Plastic and vinyl surfaces are cleaned while the dashboard is polished. The car windows are washed, both inside and out, and even the lining of the roof is not left out.

Outside, the car is pressure washed, dried, and the paint treated for contaminants and minor scratches. It is then polished. The Wheels and tires get cleaned and polished as well, and to carry the thorough detailing process through, the engine will also often get a wash, or a surface clean, just to eliminate the prospect of embarrassment when a prospective buyer requests to take a look at the engine.

If you want to make sure that you have taken every chance to have a satisfactory sale and nothing is left to chance, you must not overlook the importance of having a full pre-sale detail carried out before you put your car up for sale.

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