12 Things You Should Do to Drive Safely on the Road

Automotive by  Mashum Mollah 13 September 2021

Drive Safely

While driving, safety on the road should be your main priority. There are particular tips you need to follow before slumping your finger onto the start button. It does not matter how experienced you are, but you have to be sincere when sitting in the driving seat. Remember, if you are careful while driving, you are both caring for yourself and the pedestrians walking on the side of the road.

Here are some simple tips that you can do while driving. Check them out!

1. Stay Alert to Drive Safely 

Stay Alert to Drive Safely 

This is the number one rule in driving – always stay alert. You need to be mindful of what is happening around you. Drivers must consider this caution to drive safely if they want their security along with the pedestrians on the side road. Note that you drive safely is crucial on the road.

2. Do Not Assume

Whenever you take your vehicle on the road, never assume what other drivers would think around you. Hence, it is necessary not to take any actions based on your assumptions. Do not make such a mistake and do things based on your experience accordingly.

3. Wear Your Seat Belt

Wear Your Seat Belt

While driving, it is also essential to wear your seat belt. Why? Because if an accident occurs, you have a somewhat security blanket that will not let you bump your body or face on the windshield. Keep in mind that this is a very important safety tip for every driver, whether you are a beginner or a professional. In most countries, not wearing a seat belt is considered an offense against the law. Also, there is a penalty when you commit such a mistake.

4. Be Obedient to All Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are made to be followed. The number of things you need to follow might overwhelm you, but they are required to be followed to stay safe and protected from accidents and penalties. Among other things, you need to consider all the road signs and traffic lights while driving. Be sure to learn all the rules for good discipline and, again, to stay safe.

5. Check Your Speed Limits

Check Your Speed Limits

You must adhere to the speed limit based on the traffic rules. Do not exceed the limit because careless driving can lead to accidents. You might have seen several traffic signs where you have to keep your car’s speed low in some locations. This includes hospitals, schools, and public parks, where the speed must be slow to prevent any inconvenience or a possible accident.

6. Do Not Use Your Phone While Driving

Do not use your mobile phone while driving. This is somewhat a given since it is a dangerous move. However, if you are receiving a message or call and think it is urgent, park your car at the side of the road and do what you have to do. Do not lose focus and make this a habit. Doing so will keep you out of trouble.

7. Be on Guard When Driving in Extreme Weather Conditions

Be on Guard When Driving in Extreme Weather Conditions

There will be times when the weather conditions are unfavorable to your driving situation. So you must be mindful while driving if you really need to go out. Follow particular guidelines and precautions when you navigate your automobile. Remember, following the rules will keep you secure on the road.

8. Know Your Route

It will be easy for you to drive safely in any way with confidence once you know all the paths. Also, knowing your route will give you a heads up about the possible vehicles you can run with, the usual situation on that road, and the likes.

9. Use Your Vehicle’s Headlights

Use Your Vehicle’s Headlights

The main purpose of headlights is to let you see the drive path clearly at dark hours. Hence, it is essential to use your headlamps during the night and even in harsh weather. Doing so will keep you safe along with pedestrians.

However, there can be cases where your headlights are not working correctly, and driving with broken headlamps is both inconvenient and illegal. Therefore, you need to have your LED lights replaced by a new set. You can get Sunway car headlights at a reasonable price, plus the quality is good too.

10. Ensure the Maintenance of Your Car

It is vital to take good care of your vehicle and have it maintained. As the car owner, you must send it for a regular check-up to make sure that the entire vehicle is functioning well. Note that if you keep your car in good condition, there will be lesser chances of having an issue while driving on the road.

11. Do Not Drive When You are Drunk

Do Not Drive When You are Drunk

Once your body consumes alcohol, you can have a hard time controlling yourself. This is why drunk driving should not be practiced because it is perilous. If you are traveling with a friend, ask him to drive safely for you. If there is no one with you, sober up. Rest, sleep, or drink coffee. Make sure that the alcohol is flushed down from your body before you touch the steering wheel again.

12. Let Other Drivers Pass Your Vehicle

You are not the only driver on the road, so give way to other drivers too. Being a good driver is allowing others to pass him on the road. It is essential to show respect to others and stay disciplined.


In a nutshell, safety is a crucial parameter whenever you are driving. It is essential to follow all the tips mentioned above to guarantee your safety as a driver, along with pedestrians. Always be attentive and disciplined when it comes to traffic rules.

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