Top Preventable Workplace Accidents

Security by  Sumona 25 February 2022

Workplace Accidents

Severe accidents happen at work more frequently than you’d think. In 2020/21, 440,000 workers reported non-fatal injuries at work. But by knowing the risks and by working to avoid them, you should be able to keep yourself safe. Below, we explore the top preventable workplace accidents.

List of Most Well-known Preventable Workplace Accidents:

1. Slips, trips, falls

Slips, trips, falls

Regardless of whether your working environment is an office or a construction site, slips can be a hazard anywhere. Watch out if you think there’s any slippery floor around and take caution to avoid these areas. Ideally, your business will put up a sign so that you can easily work out where the danger is.

2. Handling and lifting

Some of the most common injuries are caused by handling and lifting. If you don’t lift heavy items with the correct posture, then you could end up with long-term injuries or a sudden accident. The basics of an appropriate lift are planning it in advance before lifting the item in a stable fashion with your waist taking on much of the weight. The key is to avoid bending your back as much as possible.

3. Heights


Another significant risk is working from heights. Any mistake here is exacerbated by the added damage you’ll take from your fall. It’s easy to fall from a ladder or scaffolding too. Always ensure that there’s someone at the bottom of your ladder to hold it steady, while also making sure that it has been placed on a firm and stable ground.

4. Crashes

If you’re operating a vehicle at work, then it’s common for crashes to occur too. If you’re operating a car or a lorry on behalf of your business, then it’s crucial that it has all the required safety features such as a safety belt. Plus, if you’re driving for long periods of time, it’s vital that you’re paid to take breaks and rest. Similarly, if you’re operating a forklift then it’s important that you have had the appropriate training and know-how to operate it.

The workplace can contain many hazards, even if every one has taken the utmost care. If you’ve suffered an injury at work that wasn’t your fault though, you can speak to personal injury lawyers to find out whether you could be awarded compensation. This won’t undo the injury, but it can give you peace of mind that you’re covered during your recovery.

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