Puffco Peak Reviews: Should You Buy This Vape In 2023?

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Puffco Peak

The puffco peak is trending in the market and is considered the future of consuming cannabis concentrates. The brand Puffco manufactures the vaporizer, which is portable. It was first launched in January 2018.

It did change the market regarding the change in style from pen-style vaporizers. Also, it is an electronic rig with water filtration. Vape pens concentrate discreetly; however, the dab rigs are safer.

The e-rig gives a more fulfilling experience, according to some concentrate aficionados. There is no possibility of a concentrated spill, which helps users. The device has been dubbed the “Smart Rig” as the portable electronic vaporizer makes the dabbing experience easier.

Puffco Peak Reviews: Should You Buy This Vape In 2023?

Puffco Peak Reviews

The technology puff peak uses is advanced, as the timing and heat are well coordinated. The brand claims the coordination as “haptic feedback” and “intelligent temperature calibration.” The device can be loaded with concentrates in two ways.

The first way is to load the concentrate in the chamber and heat the device. The second way is to heat the device and then drop the concentrate from the dab tool. The device is manufactured to reach the perfect temperature every time. Hence, you will not need any torch.

The package includes the following:

  • A tether
  • An extra ceramic bowl
  • Cleaning swabs
  • A loading tool
  • A carb cap
  • A carrying case

The water with the borosilicate glass attachment filters out the byproduct of the concentrate.

What Is Puffco Peak?

What Is Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak is a vaporizer used for consuming concentrates. It provides the clearest flavor, effects, and potency of the plant from which the concentrates are manufactured. When you use this device, you will experience an effective and efficient impact.

The e-rig is easier to use and gives the best of hits. Weed concentrates are better than flowers because they are odorless, smoother, and cleaner. The potency is also higher compared to flower extracts. The e-rig is one of the best devices to experience concentration.

The device combines a ceramic bowl, tapered glass stem, and the study base of all electronic guts. Users can remove the ceramic bowl to fill it with water, improving vaporization.

The length of the device is 7 inches tall, while the bottom is quite heavy, so there is no chance of toppling over. A Wall adaptor and micro USB cable also accompany the device for charging. Users are alerted to the LED light band about the battery level and heat cycle.

How Do You Use the Puffco Peak?

How Do You Use the Puffco Peak

You can buy the electronic vape rig from the online brand website of puffco.com at $380, which can be a little expensive for some people. Users can put all concentrates, such as honeycomb wax, shatter, butane hash oil, crumbles, and others.

The device has one single button to control the temperature and power settings. The button is situated at the base of the device, which helps the process of dabbing easier. The button is used to change the base. Only then can the device be used. The pulsating white light signals the charging process.

Once the charging process is completed, the white light will stop pulsating. The duration for charging is signaled once the pulsating light contains. It takes two hours to charge which has a capacity of 30 dabs. Filling the chamber with water until the level rises above the air holes would be best.

The lower section is inserted in the base, which is dry. The components are pressed into place when the single button is pressed for 3 seconds. There are four temperature settings depending on the amount of concentrate such as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, 500 degrees Fahrenheit, 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the heated chamber, the concentrate is loaded. Drop the focus at the bottom of the bowl. Then, you can use the vaporizer. Once the device is ready for a hit, the device vibrates and signals using the LED light.

How To Keep Puffco Peak Clean?

How To Keep Puffco Peak Clean

The easiest way is to use a cotton swab to clean the bowl by inserting it. It will absorb the leftover material of the concentrate. The atomizer can be detached. Hence, it can be washed separately.

Another way is to deeply clean the device by filling the container with isopropyl alcohol. The sticky material leftover is cleaned with a cotton swab. Users must also heat the device so that the leftover can be liquefied.

Remember that the cleaning solution is highly flammable; hence, be careful when using it. The gold connection pins in the atomizer and base are also cleaned with cotton swabs.

What Are The Benefits?

What Are The Benefits
  • The puff peak is one of the most straightforward devices compared to other ways users can consume it.
  • The vapor is high quality and is flavorful, potent, and smooth.
  • The device is very efficient as there is no negative impact of heating the device. The vaporizer is designed to consume the concentrate extract at the maximum amount.
  • The device has a lot of other accessories, such as a dab tool, an atomizer, a carrying case, and a carb cap.
  • The product by Puffco is portable. Hence, users can carry it anywhere. It is also because the battery is recharged.

What Are The Disadvantages?

What Are The Disadvantages
  • The device is difficult to clean because a cotton swab is used to clean the ceramic chamber. The cotton swab is soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the ceramic bowl, which is highly dangerous as it is inflammable.
  • It could be more efficient for big dabs or amounts of concentrates. There might not be a direct spill, but the concentrate might flow down over the chamber.
  • The Puffco Connect app is used to customize the temperature controls of the device. Android users do not have to face any issues with the app; however, the app can be a little challenging for iPhone users.

Puffco Peak Accessories

Read about the different Puffco Peak Accessories which you can use as the product gives you some of the best experience of hash technology. There is a small rig which gives you unparalleled performance so ultimately, use these accessories which will add onto your incredible flavor.

Hot Knife

The price of the accessory is $50! This knife helps you so much especially with the stickiness! The tool is a USB-C chargeable loading with a ceramic tip. This helps in heating the ingredient with a push of a button.

You will not face any concern with sticky fingers, dirty dab tools along with clothes fuzz! Ultimately the knife will have an extract drop off within 3 seconds.

Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber

The accessory is one of the high capacity e-rig chambers and it is the only one in the world! The price of the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber is $125! The product gives you 2x more vapor along with a 78% larger bowl. Overall, there is an incredible consistency and flavor when you use this accessory.

Proxy Joystick Cap

The best part of the product does not require any maintenance which is the most fun part. The price of the product is $40! The joystick cap creates a precise 360 degree which gives you more consistent heating, better flavor and giving bigger clouds thus, a directional airflow forms.

The joystick is quite easy to clean where you can prevent the flow and it is quite fidget free flow!

Proxy Travel Bag – Black

It is a high fashion product with a high functionality! You can quickly load stuff such as a quick-access loading tray along with 8 pockets and hidden compartments. The price of the product is $70! You can carry the bag anywhere as it is symmetrical with both righties and lefties!

The strap is efficient as it is adjustable to all body types. The 300d ripstop nylon is quite durable and there is also quilted padding which will protect your Puffco Peak! Furthermore, you can keep a battery pack, a hot knife, a travel pipe, cotton swabs and 6 jars.


The Puffco peak has been rated 7.5 out of 10 on the TVAPE website, which is good. The reviews have identified a fulfilling overall experience with the puff peak dabbing experience. It is easy to use. However, it could be more discreet to use.

According to a vlog on Gear Patrol, Amanda Reed says that Puffco is successfully reinventing the style of repeatedly dabbing with products such as these.


Please read the article to learn more about the features of puffco peak so you can decide whether to buy it. You can read the device’s benefits and detriments in the article. Comment down below regarding your experience regarding puff peak.

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