5 Reasons to Invest in a Modern Office Space in Del Mar

Startupsby Mashum Mollah03 March 2021

Invest in a Modern Office

Del Mar, a beach city in San Diego, California, was formed way back on July 15, 1969. Besides the famed beaches, the city is known for its craft beer, Qualcomm, biotech, and office space for many more startups and businesses.  The 5-decade old city is bustling with business activity today.

Del Mar means “of the sea” in Spanish, which is appropriate for the coastal city located along the Pacific Ocean’s coast. With a population of 4,287 as of 2020, Del Mar has diverse ethnic groups making up its populace. It is a business center, and any Del Mar office space is sometimes a challenge to find.

If you plan to set up an office in Del Mar, it is a smart choice to launch your business or startup as there is no dearth of talent. As far as business is concerned, it is already there, and businesses are just trying to carve a tiny piece of it for themselves. It is not just biotech startups that are vying for a space in Del Mar; there are several non-biotech businesses, including AI, as well in this. And yes, you still have bird scooters to get around in an eco-friendly manner.

Here are five top reasons to invest in an office space in Del Mar:

1. Quick Access to All Resources:

Quick Access to All Resources

People will set up new offices in a city only if there’s quick access to resources. Offices in Del Mar can be accessed by vendors, customers, and any target demographic. Transportation is never a problem in this city that boasts an efficient logistics setup. Did you know that the average time to reach the workplace in Del Mar is just 19 minutes, which is far better compared to the national average of 27 minutes at last count? What probably attracts most startups is the diverse population that makes a collaborative community, making your connection with various ethnic groups easier. The different tech communities include software, craft beverage (beer), TJ, cybersecurity, defense, and biotech.

2. Admirable Transportation Links:

The efficient transportation system in place is another reason there’s always easy access to any Del Mar office space because local transport plays a critical role in all businesses that have set up space. Employees need to get to work on time without hassles to make the day productive and fruitful. Nasty traffic snarls are the last thing your employees want to battle with on a busy business day.

The city of Del Mar has always championed alternative transport strategies as the founding fathers know that 57% of the greenhouse gas emissions are because of transportation, including travel within Del Mar city limits and outside. The NCTD breeze bus can take you almost anywhere in Del Mar, with great connectivity to the COASTER, Amtrak, Metrolink, and SPRINTER trains. Moreover, Del Mar streets are pedestrian and cycle-friendly, allowing you to get around freely, with an option to get to your workplace on your own steam.

3. Co-Working and Leasing:

Del Mar is known for its co-working space culture (great revenue for office space owners) and its leasing options. You have a host of office spaces to invest in, including co-working, lease, and sale. Businesses prefer office spaces in Del Mar for the attractive features that come with it and a host of employee-friendly amenities. Most of the office spaces are located very close to the Del Mar village, known for its pristine beaches, exotic cuisine, boutique shops, the famed Del Mar racetrack, and the San Diego County Fair, which are all easily accessible.

 4. Social Life in Del Mar:

One of the main reasons why investing in the Del Mar office space seems a great idea is the promise of exciting social life in this busy city. Your employees can strike the right work-life balance. Thanks to the many restaurants nearby, and a vibrant nightlife, your workforce is always ready for another day’s work after socializing in the friendly cafes and bistros dotting the Del Mar landscape.

Most of the office spaces in Del Mar boast social areas demarcated for social activities within the premises itself. Besides this, you have the vast sparkling beaches with their walk trails and countless social gathering places around the city that attract people from far and near.

5. Availability of a Host of Talents:

An office is no office without the right employees filling up the empty desks. Although startups start with a set of their own employees, there is always room for more. Del Mar boasts the availability of a host of talents, including:

  • Management-related occupations comprise8% of the working populace.
  • Folks in the Media, Entertainment, and Arts contribute a generous 10.5%
  • Education-related workforce accounts for 5.6%.
  • There 3.5% of the folks engaged in the legal profession.
  • Computer and allied occupations account for 4.6%

You want an expert in any field, and the talent is readily available in Del Mar, making it the hotspot destination for setting up new offices.

Summing it Up:

After the Silicon Valley, Del Mar has emerged as the hot destination for startups, not just in the biotech field but also in various tech and tech-related domains.

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