5 Tips To Remember Before Renting A Commercial Floor Scrubber

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Remember Before Renting A Commercial Floor Scrubber

Adding a commercial floor scrubber to your facility might seem costly at first. You might wonder if you have the budget to buy and maintain the scrubber and the return on investment.

If you’re hesitant about buying, consider floor scrubber rental. This option keeps your facility clean and efficient without the upfront cost of purchasing. One of the key advantages of renting a floor scrubber is the convenience it offers.

Unlike a manual cleaning system, renting means you don’t have to worry about hiring and training staff, freeing up your time and resources for other important tasks. Floor scrubber rentals can also be a cost-effective and sustainable choice that grows with your business—if you choose the right one.

Here are five tips to consider when renting a commercial floor scrubber.

5 Tips To Consider For Floor Scrubber Rentals

If you are ready to invest in an economical floor-cleaning machine for your facility, consider the points mentioned below before renting a high-quality floor scrubber.

1. Recognize Your Specific Needs

Even though you might believe it’s simple to identify issues, you frequently may not be entirely aware of how they impact your company. For instance, you might not notice how dust affects your merchandise, but you might notice unclean or marked floors.

Never accept a cleaning solution that is insufficient for your requirements! You can find out what you need by having a cleaning specialist inspect the area on-site. This specialist can help you select the ideal floor scrubber for your particular cleaning needs.

Factors to consider include:

  • The type of floor
  • Aisle width
  • Size of the area that needs cleaning
  • Amount of dust,  debris,  marks, and spills
  • Workplace health and safety standards
  • Noise level
  • Indoor emissions reduction

2. Give Details When Asking For A Floor Scrubber Rental Quote

When you contact a floor scrubber rental provider, it’s their job to suggest the best equipment for your needs. To help them make the right choice, you should provide detailed descriptions of your requirements. It’s helpful to have the following information ready when you ask for a quote:

  • The size of the floor area in square meters
  • Photos of the area
  • Type of floor material (e.g., tiles, protected vinyl, timber, etc.)
  • Your reason for renting (e.g., to clean grout, general cleaning, etc.)

This ensures that the correct equipment is chosen from the start to meet your cleaning goals.

3. The Runtime Of The Floor Scrubber

When evaluating the operating life of the rental floor scrubber, consider more than just battery life or fuel levels, although these are crucial.

Think about how often you’ll need to refill the clean water tank or empty the waste water tank on your scrubber.  Also, how long does it take you to recharge the batteries of the machine or refuel the machine?

All these factors are important in determining whether the machine can clean your entire floor space in one go.

4. Prepare An Area For Trial

It’s crucial to avoid damaging your floors during cleaning, so we recommend starting in a less visible area like the parking lot to get used to the floor scrubber before moving on to other areas. While damage is unlikely, it’s good to be cautious, especially if it’s your first time using a floor scrubber rental.

Your cleaning representative will recommend the best equipment, but sometimes, you might need a different scrub brush or pad. If you’re unsure, consider taking a few different brushes or pads to try out.

5. Look Into The After-Support And Onboarding Of The Rental Company

A smooth transition from sales to service is easier when you have a good relationship with your supplier. Clear and prompt communication, smooth delivery, and thorough operator training ensure you get the most out of your investment in a floor scrubber.

Reliable after-sales support is also crucial. Make sure to ask about contact details for assistance, support and service timelines, and how to address any future issues.

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Types Of Commercial Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers commercial machines come in different types with different specific uses. Here are some of the different commercial floor scrubbers.

  • Floor Buffer

Floor buffers are floor scrubbers commercial machines you use to shine your floors. They are also known as floor burnishers.

  • Automatic Floor Scrubber Commercial Machine

These are automated floor scrubber commercial machines used to scrub floors.

  • Floor Polisher

Floor polishers are a type of floor scrubbers that are used to uneven your floors and give your floors a glossy shine.

  • Vacuums

These floor scrubber commercial machines are used to clean your floors of dust and debris.

  • Floor Sweepers

These floor scrubber commercial machines are used to clean large areas of your floors at once.

  • Commercial Floor Scrubbers For Carpeted Floor

You might have carpeted floors that cannot be cleared by just any commercial floor scrubber. Floor scrubbers commercial machines used to clear carpet floors are separate from ordinary floor scrubbers.

You can use the Advance ET610 floor scrubber commercial machine for cleaning carpeted floors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Floor Scrubber 

If you want to know more about commercial floor scrubbers, then read these frequently asked questions about them. Several people might have the same queries that you might be having about floor scrubber commercial usage.

What Safety Precautions Should You Take Before Using A Commercial Floor Scrubber?

Safety should be your priority when using a commercial floor scrubber or sweeper. Floor scrubber commercial machines are powerful so you need to wear proper gloves, boots, coats, and glasses to protect yourself. 

When using a floor scrubber commercial machine you might get debris or cleaning materials on your hands or eyes. So wearing PPE or personal protective equipment is necessary. You must also wear proper footwear that is water-resistant when using a commercial floor scrubber so that you don’t slip and fall.

How To Use A Commercial Floor Scrubber?

You need to first plug on the machine before you start using the floor scrubber commercial machine. Watch this video to learn how to clean your commercial spaces using the commercial floor scrubber.

What Is The Best Commercial Floor Scrubber?

The best commercial floor scrubbers in the market are listed below. 

  • If you wish to clear large areas using floor scrubber commercial machines then buy the Advanced SC6500.
  • Is your area small? Then you can opt for the Factory Cat MicroMag.
  • Want a floor scrubber commercial machine to clean your carpets? Then you can get the Advance ET610.
  • Get the Factory Cat GTX floor scrubber commercial machine for cleaning your concrete floors. 
  • Looking for a budget commercial floor scrubber? Get the Viper AS430C.
  • Advance SC8000 is a great floor scrubber commercial machine for outdoor spaces.
  • Advance Liberty SC60 is an automated floor scrubber for commercial purposes.

Can You Rent A Commercial Floor Scrubber?

You will get several companies offering their commercial floor scrubbers for rentals to businesses and organizations. You can also hire professional floor scrubbers who know how to operate floor scrubber commercial machines. This helps you get a properly cleaned floor in your business property.

Do you use soap with a commercial floor scrubber?

You will need detergent or liquid cleaning soap with a commercial floor scrubber to clean your floors. Especially if you have dirty floors that need much effort to clean you will need some kind of floor cleaning supplies. 

Final Words

Expectations for commercial floor scrubbers can be high, and you might be disappointed if the results don’t meet your standards. Much of the challenge lies in using the equipment correctly and selecting the right machine from the start.

Practices like vacuuming beforehand, letting the cleaning solution sit, and using the correct dosage all affect performance but aren’t directly about the machine itself!

You might want to consult an expert in this field as you have to consider so many factors. Star by contacting a floor scrubber rental provider and then arrange an onsite assessment to help guide your decision before you commit.

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