Is it Worth Buy Anavar Oxandrolone? Review About Benefits and Side Effects

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It is difficult and almost next to impossible to find an unbiased review on Anavar online. So, it is better to know what actually Anavar is. Nowadays, Anavar is known by Oxandrolone. In the era of 1960, G.D. Searle and Co. Laboratory developed the drug. Since the 1960s only, Anavar has been most popular. There is a confusion on what reviews to believe and what to consider false relies on the working of Anavar in the body. Oxandrolone is the word that is actually taken from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid with the brand name ‘Anavar’ and is usually prescribed to the patients who need to gain weight. Among a host of anabolic steroids, it is Anavar which is safe and effective and best. DocArtz has a list of 5 testosterone boosters that are made up of all-natural ingredients with no side effects. When oral steroids like Winstrol and Dianabol are so harsh on the liver, Anavar is safe and mild on the liver. Indeed, the steroid is commonly used presently for quite good reasons.

Benefits of Anavar:

Oxandrolone comes with  the following benefits:

  • Increase in the muscular mass;
  • Increase in strength, power, vigor, and stamina;
  • Reduction of weight and burn fat;
  • Increase in sex drive, libido and reduction of recovery time after the workout;
  • I Preservation of muscular tissue.

Oxandrolone is an all-around excellent choice that helps in anabolic steroid calling the shots used by both males and females with different goals. The steroid is safe but if used excessively, it can show several side effects.

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What Are The Side Effects of Oxandrolone:

Oxandrolone is not side effect free. This notion can be commemorated from the negative reviews on the drug.   It is not advisable to use the steroid for more than 4 or5 weeks. Abusive use of steroids can lead to dire side effects. The measurement of steroids that males can use is anything between 30 to 80 mg of Oxandrolone while females can use only 10 to20mg of steroid per day.

The side effect of the drug can even lead to loss of sperm count in males and the loss of libido. There may be hair loss, acne and prostate enlargement resulting from it. Women may have a deeper and hoarse voice as a result of consuming Oxandrolone. It may affect the cholesterol level in the blood. Although there are many side effects of Oxandrolone these are rare. If used to a safer level, there will not be any side effects. All these reviews are based on the personal experiences of people. The popular androgen has more positive reviews and fewer negative reviews.

However, there are various myths associated with the usage of the drug-like that your testicles may shrink with the use of Oxandrolone. A wise decision not to believe in such bizarre ideas.  But, it is also true that the testosterone levels move down with the usage of Anavar. If you consume it more, Anavar will cause testosterone suppression to a greater extent. If the testosterone keeps on reducing, there may be a loss of libido to a great extent. The DHT-derived steroid may boost energy levels, increase muscle mass and endurance. However, there is no evidence to believe that it can reduce the size of the male organ.

Anavar Leads to Virilization?

Most of the websites claim that the use of Anavar will not cause virilization but this is not true. As Anavar is both an anabolic steroid and an androgenic steroid, it can cause virilization in women. Women will notice the deepening of the voice. But then, virilization may also be the result of genetic factors. Both the genetic factor and the use of Anavar can cause virilization in women.

How far Anavar is safe or effective is still the question that needs to be answered. Whether you are below 20 years of age or above 20 years, you must avoid using Anavar to a great extent. People who are teenagers must avoid using it. But, Anavar will not lead to stunted growth. It affects the level of testosterone in every situation.

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