The Ultimate Guide to MANSCAPING

Health & Fitness by  Ariana Smith 22 February 2019


It’s time we talked about your body hair and what is manscaping? Follow my advice for a perfectly groomed body. The kidnapping of men is one of the worst terms on earth, but it is something we must.


In my time, I have experimented with many different things to tame and trim the hair on my body. I shaved, I waxed, I used depilatory creams and I also cut.

  • Shaved off:

o You run the risk of having ingrown hairs, especially around the crotch area.

o The feeling that the body hair grows back can be really uncomfortable. It can sting like nothing!

  • Waxing:

o Waxing is ideal for treating the hair on the back. It will take everything away and it will last a good amount of time.

o For other areas, waxing can be quite difficult to do well and will require a friend or a trip to a salon.

  • Depilatory cream:

o If this goes wrong, you will know.

o One minute above the “maximum of 5 minutes” will leave your skin in a hot and itchy rash. No amount of moisturizer will eliminate the sting. Believe me seriously.

  • Cut

o The use of an electric mower is my preferred method.

o You can choose what length you want.

o You can use the same trimmer for your facial hair.

o It is the fastest method.


There is no right or wrong length for body hair, but you must keep everything clean.

Prepared, not bald.

  • Behind

Or you really want to get this waxed. Seriously. Back hair is not – and will never be – in trend.

  • Chest

o If you are a guy with thick facial hair, the hair on your chest should complement this. If you take everything off, there will be an imbalance of hair throughout your body.

o I would always recommend starting a long time with your trimmers and review in different stages.

o Go as short as you feel comfortable with.

  • Armpits

o You can go so much or so little with this.

o If you are sticking out of your shirt, take off the length a little.

o The recommended length is a 2-3 grade clipper.

o The guys who go to the gym tend to be quite short.

  • Pubic hair

o The easiest area to trim: keep part of the hair, but make it clean.

o A grade 1-2 clipper is ideal. Once again, this is all personal choice.

  • Balls

Or you want to try to remove as much hair as possible here. It will take time, but it’s worth it.

o Use the bare trimmer against your skin, using it in short, slow movements. Be very, very careful.

  • Perineum (also known as grundle/gooch)

o Like your balls, you want to keep this area completely trimmed.

or as close as possible

o If you are going to buy wax for your back, consider doing it at the same time.

  • Ass

or yes, we are keeping this trimmed as well.

o Not too short, but you want to be able to see the skin.

o Once again, you can get this waxed. I’ve never done it, but some guys swear it.

3. Do it in the shower:

This is more about cleaning instead of some magical technique.

It will keep all the hair contained in one place and you can shower immediately afterward.

4. Make it dry:

Even if you’re doing it in the shower, keep the shower off until you’re done.

  • Wet hair can clump together and adhere to the skin.
  • Dry hair will allow a closer and more precise cut.

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