7 hairstyles that can make a woman look 10 years younger

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Ageing is inevitable, but that does not mean that you have to look your age. There are numerous beauty products on the market, and women continue to figure out better ways to look younger. There are those who accessorise with skin care products, while the purses of most don’t lack an eyebrow trimmer. Women have also figured out that finding a hairstyle that matches your face undoubtedly makes you look younger and beautiful. After all, youthfulness is the definition of beauty. That said, this guide will list seven hairstyles that could make any woman appear ten years younger.

Here are 7 hairstyles that can make a woman look 10 years younger:

1. Shiny Strands:

You no longer have to result to using expensive anti-aging creams or go for cosmetic surgery to appear 10 years younger. You can achieve this by going to your salon to change your hairstyle. One of the hairstyles that guarantee to give you a more youthful look is shiny strands. There is something about shiny strands that makes you glow. You cannot compare shiny strands to strands that lack some radiance. The latter makes you look much older because of their dullness. You can add a significant amount of shine serum to the ends of your hair, and voila! People will think that you are ten years younger your age.

2. Messy Braids:

Braids have been one of the most common hairstyles adopted by women. This is a hairstyle that is thought to be best suited for younger girls, but you’d be surprised to know that braids work equally well for more mature women. Even if you are in your forties, having messy braids for your hairstyle will have you looking as if you are thirty. What’s more, this is not a complicated hairstyle to pull off. It is an inexpensive way to enhance your beauty and general appearance. www.keephairup.com has lots of accessories that you can use to make it even more beautiful.

If you are into braids, you should do a side-swept braid that has messy ends. You will be surprised by the manner in which it will enhance your youthfulness.

3. Shoulder-length hairstyles:

If women were given a choice, they would choose to be forever young. However, now that that is impossible, you have to come up with creative and inexpensive ways to make yourself look more youthful such as new hairstyles. One of the best ways is to adopt shoulder-length hairstyles. These hairstyles are especially suitable for mature women with long hair. Women with long and healthy hair like flaunting it, and if you have such, you can improve your appearance by cutting it up to shoulder length.

There is something about cutting your hair in this manner that reduces your age by about 10 years. Those who are used to seeing you with your long, healthy hair will be surprised by your new appearance. Those that you’re not close with might even not recognise you. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can consult your hairstylist to select a style that matches up with your face. You can either straighten it or keep it curly. They all work out excellently.

4. Choppy layers:

Do you have short hair? Have you been wondering about the hairstyle that you should adopt to look thirty even if you are forty? Well, you might consider trying out choppy layers. This hairstyle works excellently for women who have thinner hair. When you do this hairstyle, you need to ensure that its length does not go beyond the middle of your neck. Thin hair usually stays flat, and you can see the scalp. However, choppy layers can cover it up because they are numerous short layers that enhance the volume of your hair.

5. Short pixie:

One of the hairstyles that helps women gain confidence in their appearance is a short pixie. When women reach the age of 40, you might find that they lose confidence in the way they look. You can, however, boost your confidence by adopting a super short pixie. This is a hairstyle that helps to show off your face, especially if you have a magnificent bone structure. This is, without a doubt, one of the best hairstyles to enhance your youthful appearance. Who knew that cutting your hair could build so much confidence? Well, now you do.

6. Bangs:

Using anti-ageing creams can be a costly way to make yourself look younger as you try to reduce pores and wrinkles. This is an option that cannot work out with every woman. However, you may adopt a bang, a hairstyle that can easily mask off the wrinkles on your forehead. That notwithstanding, this is a style that excellently highlights your beautiful eyes. When you are going for this hairstyle, your hair should be cut at your eyebrows or slightly below them when you want blunt bangs. Additionally, they should be longer on the sides and shorter in the middle section.

7. Romantic waves:

This is yet another style that is ideal for making you look and feel ten years younger. Romantic waves are suitable for women who have curly hair. As women age, there is significant facial volume loss, which alters the shape of your face to take a more masculine look. This hairstyle, however, hides this effect, making you appear way younger. You should ensure to cut your curls perfectly so that they can serve this purpose. If you let them grow anyhow, curls could easily create a mess, eliminating the youthful appearance. They should be cut to a middle length for the best results.


Forever young is a commonly coined phrase. If you are a woman looking to trim 10 years off your facial appearance, then you might consider settling with one of these 7 styles. Choosing a hairstyle is not an easy task, but when your hairstylist does the job correctly, you will be surprised by how young you will look. If you were thinking about Botox and facial creams,  you can kiss that idea goodbye and opt for a radiant and impressive hairstyle.

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