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Job & Careerby Ariana Smith07 December 2018

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Have you come across a situation where you felt that your career was not moving in the right direction? Maybe there is a chance you are correct. You might not be the right fit for the job and need a career change. You need to consider many things and signs before you make a decision. There are certain signs which show that you are not making any progress in your career and it is time to handle the situation more efficiently.

Signs your career is not on the right path:

You have no job since the last six months:

You need to look for the job you have always wanted to do. If you have come across an opportunity but it is not what you are keen about, you need to learn more on it. Do not let this opportunity pass because there is no harm in attempting something new.

You are not applying to jobs with your skill set:

You need to understand the field you specialize in. If you are a professional, you will have certain skill sets that you need to keep in mind when applying for the job. You need to create a career you enjoy and love otherwise it will be a waste of your time and energy. Do not follow a career if you are not doing it out of choice.

You have not been promoted for years:

This is one of the signs your career is off track. Only you can have an answer to this. If you have not been given new responsibility or promoted for many years in the past, you are not at the right place. If you do not see yourself working at this place after five years, you need to stop right away and make a better choice. You do not need to push yourself too hard for a career which is not suitable for you.

You are not offered any work:

If the market has low demand for employees with your skill set, it might be difficult for you to look at a job. Hence, you need to learn new skill sets to display more of your skills so that you are hired for the job.


If you are always being told that you are overqualified and are provided with an explanation for the time, you are really too great for this job. However, you can explain to them that you will help in the success of the company. You need to consider whether you are keen for the job or not and then make an attempt to explain to them that you are fit for it.

It is a great feeling to have a career that you actually love. It could be challenging and adventurous but it will also keep you confident and strong at all times. Try to make the most of what you have and always keep in mind that failure is also a big part of success. You cannot achieve success overnight and without failing at all.

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