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Being the manager, you would implement on newest making strategies while modifying marketing mix strategies. For sip trunking, to expand its activities in rural areas, which made a number of changes need to be made to the existing marketing mix.

Let’s take a look at what needs to be changed.

1. Location:

It needs to be adapted to the new country, and the market and they have been addressed. They can be found in the vehicles that they are able to sell the product, they will have to find other means of transportation of the products from the manufacturing units to those in rural areas.

2. Price:

The Price For entry into a new market, wholesalers, and agents enter a discount to sell products.

3. Promotion:

The Promotion methods need to be changed in order to attract more customers in the country.

4. Social Media:

The manufactured products can gain profit and fame through a social media platform because it helps to connect with people worldwide to provide convenience in selling products.

5. Pr Packages:

Promoting products on the basis of PR packages will help to advance the profit level by spreading awareness of consuming products.

6. Online Websites:

Increasing sales of products by the way of websites will bring ease in the lives of customers to order their desired products.

7. Samples:

Stalls alongside the market or commercial areas for providing samples to the people. This way will help the consumers to like the tastes of the products and make them appealing to buy them according to their demand.

8. Sales:

When the products are newly launched, most of the native people are afraid of buying them because of the taste, ingredients, and higher prices of a product. So, keeping the price low at the newly launched time will assist to gain popularity in a short span of time.

9. Collaboration:

Another way of increasing profit is to collaborate with renowned industries to promote the products along with their products. Hence, they can easily gain the trust of consumers and can gain more consumers through industries.

10. Advertisement:

People who do not use social media applications only use the television to stay updated about the activities and situations of the world. Advertisements can easily help them to enhance the product’s profit through producing alluring advertisements of chips that will ultimately seek the attention of people to buy it as quickly as lightening.

Marketing Strategy

1. Diversification: This is used in businesses when they introduce a new product on the market. So they reduce the risk of loss. A business may also use diversification as a growth strategy. Hence, this strategy was utilized to increase the sales of their desired products.

2. For market development, it tries to enhance the usage of products by instantly introducing the product in the marketplace.

3. To increase the sales of new products, they offered their services worldwide to target a larger population.

4. They first understand the needs and wants of the customer to build up the product, once, they identified, they have produced smartphones to bring ease in the life of the people.



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