4 Ways Small Businesses Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Businessby Sumona16 November 2022

Environmentally Friendly

As more customers look to support organizations that share their values, these organizations have begun to focus on implementing more sustainable practices into their daily operations.

If you are looking to be more environmentally friendly, there are a few key areas to focus on.

1. Implement Best Practices for Your Fleet

Fleets can increase emissions, but with the right steps, you can reduce emissions and footprint. Idling means the engine is running but not in use. Of course, not all idling can be helped, but too much can damage the engine, cause pollution, and use too much fuel.


If you are interested in reducing emissions, you can learn more about idling, laws around idling, why you should reduce it, and the technology you can implement to reduce it.

2. Change the Way Employees Go to Work

If your employees need to work in the office, there are things to do to help the environment, like to consider providing them with benefits to use public transportation.

Whether it’s the train, bus, or even a carpool, public transportation is a green way to commute when it’s necessary to leave the home. You might subsidize passes for these types of transportation to incentivize employees to use them.

Employees Go to Work

If your employees don’t need to be in the office all the time, consider offering remote work or a hybrid schedule. Remote work has become more popular, and many employees want to keep working from home.

It also reduces how much employees are using their vehicles and contributing to emissions. Offering remote work is a great way to reduce the amount of traffic on the road, and it can offset your carbon footprint. When there aren’t as many people in your office, you might not have to spend as much on your office space.

3. Use Sustainable Items

There are many items you use in the workplace on a daily basis, whether it’s paper, cleaning supplies, or other office supplies.

However, using the wrong types of products can be damaging to the environment because of the process behind making them.

Sustainable Items

Many products, such as disposable plates and bowls, can be made from recycled waste. There are also green cleaning products that do not have toxic chemicals but still meet cleanliness requirements.

4. Do Business with Other Environmentally Friendly Organizations

No matter the company your business needs to work with, there are plenty of carbon-neutral organizations in every industry. Your supply chain sources will impact your environmental footprint, so choose your vendors carefully.

The organizations you support go a long way to determining your own footprint. Even your website uses energy. The servers that hold your site’s information are on all the time so your site can be accessed at any time, and these servers use plenty of energy.

Environmentally Friendly Organizations

The good news is you can choose where your site’s data gets stored. There are plenty of environmentally-friendly companies that focus on reducing their energy usage so they can be more carbon neutral. Do your research before picking a provider to host your data.



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