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Home Care

You deserve the best possible care when you reach old age, after all, you have probably dedicated much of your time, energy and money to bringing up and supporting a family. So in this article, we’re going to give you a head start to finding the care that’s right for you with top tips to ensure you find the best possible solution.

It is so important to get the best possible care for yourself or a relative, and the information is key when it comes to making this kind of decision. For this reason, we’ve got the best tips for what to expect with both residential care and live-in care or home care, as it’s sometimes known.

Residential Care vs Home Care:

Residential care is a popular choice because it offers round the clock care for residents, a social aspect to care, and the ability for the relatives to have peace of mind the person is always looked after.

Home care, or live-in care, means that the person needing care gets to stay in their own home, around their own neighbours and familiar possessions.

You should receive the following with both types of care:


Expect to feel safe with your carer(s) and expect them to be managed and supported in delivering a high quality of care and for equipment and property to always be well-maintained. Staff in both care homes and those with live in care jobs should be skilled and qualified, and you should be entirely protected from harassment, harm or abuse in any form. Staff should be caring for you, helping you maintain independence and freedom as much as is possible.


Within a residential home or in your own home your opinions and personal preferences should be taken into account – for instance when it comes to the type of food you eat. Staff should be considerate at all times and ensure that you have the best quality of life you can have. You should always be asked for consent on relevant matters and your friends and family should be actively involved in your care.


You should expect a high level of care from the carer(s) providing care for you – they should develop an understanding of your wants and needs. You are allowed to express yourself and have easy access to those who can help you. You should have privacy and respect at all times, as far as possible.

Personalized Treatment:

You should be recognized as an individual and cared for as such. You should have a choice about who cares for you, and about your preferences. Staff providing care in a residential home at-home care should be working hard to prevent you feeling lonely and keep you active as much as possible.

Good Management:

The care home or care agency should be well managed, with honest and determined managers who are happy in their job. Management should be accessible to you if you need to raise concerns above the staff who care for you. You should get the impression that staff respect their managers and feel able to express concerns to them. For those with live-in care jobs then effective management is even more important as the manager will not be on-site with the carer so they should have a good relationship and organize frequent update meetings.

With both residential and home care services, you should expect, and receive, the best standards of care wherever you receive it.


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