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Health & Fitness by  Ariana Smith 24 October 2017 Last Updated Date: 25 February 2019

health and fitness

Everyone you know has the same goal: to lose some weight, to eat healthier and improve the sleeping cycle. You probably want the same and all popular methods became very boring over the years. Not to mention that some of the hottest ongoing trends are just ineffective and possibly harmful. The text below will provide you with some unusual ways to improve your overall health, and you won’t believe how is it possible they actually work. Once you see the improvements with your own eyes, you may go and suggest them to your friends in need.

If you want a better nap, get a cup of coffee:

Before you take a 20-minute nap, go ahead and drink a cup of coffee (200 milligrams of caffeine). This might sound weird, but the science can back it up. Once you fall asleep, a molecule called adenosine kicks in and your body slows down. When you have too much adenosine in our brain, you’ll feel more fatigued. Once caffeine starts working (after 20 minutes), a nap will clear all adenosine and you will instantly wake up and be able to focus. You’ll actually feel more alert after waking up if you drank the coffee before the nap.

cup of coffee

Don’t brush your teeth after a meal:

In case you ate or drunk something acidic, it is better not to brush your teeth right after. Eating citrus fruits and tomatoes, or drinking soda and sports drinks may soften tooth enamel and brushing them will most certainly enhance the acid’s effects. Your teeth can get damaged since the layer underneath enamel may erode due to brushing. Wait for about 30 to 60 minutes before cleaning your teeth.

Gain weight to fit a smaller size:

Yeah, don’t just eat sweets and expect to get in new skinny jeans. You’ll need to gain muscle weight. Hit the gym and start lifting some weights. Don’t worry you won’t become enormous overnight. Yes, one pound of muscles equals one pound of fat, but muscles take less space. Because of that, if you start lifting weights you’ll be able to fit in smaller sized clothes. Keep in mind to stick to a low carb diet for the best results. If you’re disciplined, you’ll lose fat and gain muscles while getting smaller overall.

Gain weight

Eat more to eat less:

Another weird recommendation, right? Not at all. You’ve probably heard you need to eat 6 or more times a day including a few 100 calories snacks. Those snacks will make you hungrier, so it’s better to eat something substantial instead. A small amount of carbs will just increase the level of your blood sugar, and you’ll be craving for more. Instead of snack based on carbohydrates, it is much better to make yourself a big smoothie enhanced with some true protein. Yes, that meal will have more calories, but their energetic value will be much more efficient.

Give up diet soda if you want to lose weight:

There’s no good soda, and those they sell as diet is ineffective as well, when it comes to losing weight. It looks like people who drink diet soda, actually eat more calories per day, than people who drink regular soda. Don’t believe manufacturers when they say „diet“, „light“, or „low-sugar“, especially if the beverage has the same taste. Just stop and think for a while. They’ve probably added something else to get the effect, and that substitution may be even unhealthier than sugar.

lose weight

Avoid energy drinks when tired:

It is good to know that coffee has 5 times less caffeine than energy drinks. In addition, this type of beverage may cause unpleasant side effects such as increased heart rate, irritability, and nervousness. Another central nervous system stimulant can be found in sports drinks, and that’s taurine. Don’t forget about 50 grams of sugar per can. Once you drink it, your blood sugar will go over the roof, and drop at the same speed, leaving you tired once again and thirsty for more.

Workout when you’re tired:

Imagine the end of the shift and you’re washed up and can’t wait to lay down. Well, don’t. You’ll actually rest better and get energized if you engage in a moderate training session right after the workday. Workout for only 30 minutes a day and you’ll see how your mood improves in no time. You really don’t have to workout hard. Just go ahead and create this healthy habit, so your tired body can get its oxygen fix. After the training, you’ll feel much lighter, focused and happier.

health and fitness

Final thoughts:

The ultimate recipe for a healthy lifestyle is moderation. It is important to find that subtle line between avoidance and exaggeration. If you manage to find that line, you’ll see that happiness is there as well. Avoid bad thoughts and be active every day. If you stick to the tips provided above, your overall health will improve and you’ll feel much more confident. Once you feel better, your loved ones will look up to you and start feeling good as well. Don’t hesitate, but start working on some healthy routines.

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