10 Ways To Spice Up Your Employee Newsletter

Business by  Arnab Dey 21 July 2022

Employee Newsletter

The millennial workforce is changing the way that businesses operate. They are a generation of people who want to feel engaged and valued, not just as workers but also as individuals.

One of the most effective ways for employers to keep employees happy is by keeping them in the know with company news and events through an employee newsletter.

Here Are 10 Ideas For Spicing Up Your Next Newsletter:

1. Include photos from staff meetings or office parties

Exciting Employee Newsletter

Seeing familiar faces in your email newsletter is a great way to make employees feel like they’re part of the team. It also makes newsletters more visually appealing and likely to be read. The main purpose of putting a lot of photos of employees in your newsletter is for them to have a sense of ownership of the community.

2. The company Newsletter should be Positive!

Employee newsletters should give good news when there is any — not only because it keeps morale up, but also because when employees read about another victory or achievement, they’ll feel more motivated to keep up their own good work.

3. An emphasis on pictures!

I know we just tackled this, but it is just so important in case you missed it.  Pictures are a great way to help employees imagine themselves being part of what you’re talking about in the newsletter because they can see real people — especially ones that look like them! Pictures also give readers something interesting to look at while they’re reading, which keeps things more lively.

4. Talk about worker accomplishments

worker accomplishments

Did any workers do something exceptional? Tell the whole company about it! Not only will this make an employee feel good, but it will also motivate other workers to try doing something amazing or helpful for your company too. If someone’s doing something well, tell everyone!

5. The best newsletters are short

Keeping your articles brief and concise is going to make your newsletter a lot more interesting to read. Save the details for future articles whenever possible, and always keep the focus on what employees should know right now — which means no long stories or rambling lists of company news.

6. Great newsletter examples are interactive

An employee newsletter that asks employees to take part in a survey or vote is going to be a lot more fun than one that just lists information without any interaction at all.

Ask readers questions so you can learn about their work habits and have them give you feedback on your company’s progress. This will also allow you to communicate better with workers as well as help improve your business as a whole!

7. Get people talking about your business

employee talking about business

Asking employees to email or write articles for the newsletter is a great way to get them talking about their work and the company. Not only will this help to create a closer-knit team, but it’ll also give employees a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes at your business.

8. Add humor to your newsletter design

A little bit of wit or humor can really liven up an employee newsletter and make it more enjoyable to read. Try to stay away from anything that might be offensive, but adding just a touch of levity can make even the driest company news more palatable. Venngage is a great tool to use to smash your newsletter and letterhead game! Give them a visit

9. Use creative formatting

If all your employee newsletter contains are boring blocks of text, it’s going to be very difficult to keep people’s attention span for very long. Try using graphics or symbols to break up large sections of text or add illustrations. This will make your newsletter less daunting for people to read and more likely to be shared amongst employees!

10. Make it fun

Fun With Co Workers

You should try to have some fun with your worker newsletter, but you don’t need to go overboard. Try asking readers questions about their work lives or trying to stump them with trivia questions that are related in some way to your company’s overall mission.

Reader participation is a surefire way to get people interested in what you have written, especially if they can share the articles with their friends!

Bonus tip: Get personal

An employee newsletter that makes readers feel like they’re part of a family or a friendly group is going to be a lot more successful than one that reads like an impersonal company report. Instead of “the finance department,” try addressing individual workers by name when you talk about their work.


It’s not always possible to get the attention of your employees with a more traditional blog post. Sometimes you need to take things up a notch and create an employee newsletter that is compelling enough for them to read, even if it means taking time away from their other responsibilities. If this sounds like something you’ve been struggling with lately, don’t worry!

Now that you’ve finished this article, hopefully, you’re feeling more motivated about creating an exciting employee newsletter for your business. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have workers reading your newsletter from front to back in no time!

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