What Are the 4 Steps to Negotiating the Best Price on a Used Car?

Automotiveby Mashum Mollah20 September 2021

Used Car

Buying a used car can be beneficial in various ways. But, negotiating on a used car is all about landing on a sweet deal after the tug of war between the car dealer and the buyer. It is crucial that you as a buyer know the secrets of the car trade. If you know what tactics the car dealers or frequent sellers use, then you can stay safe from getting ripped off.

Before you plan to negotiate for the best price, go through the revs check report. The vehicle history report will contain a wealth of useful information about the used car. It will tell you about the previous owner, odometer readings, recalls, repairs made, damages, accident reports, and more. The complete revs check report will give you a complete picture of your car’s past which you can use to make an intelligent decision whether to negotiate the price or not.

The last thing you want is to pay an insanely high price just because you didn’t know how to bargain. On top of the car costs, you will also need to apply for an insurance policy.

In this article, we will share with you the best tactics that professional buyers use to land on a great deal. We have condensed years of experience into just four easy steps that you can easily follow.

1. Find the best car

1. Find the best car

The most important part of the deal is the car itself. Either the deal offers the best value for your money or rips you off, the car still remains with you. That’s why making a compromise on the quality and features will immediately turn the deal into a bad deal. It isn’t worth the time and effort to negotiate a car that you are less likely to enjoy in the long run.

2. Comparables

If you want to negotiate better, you have to collect sufficient knowledge about what alternatives are available in the market. To keep it in simple terms, say you want to buy a great SUV from Ford. Even if you aren’t thinking of buying the SUV from another brand, you should always keep your mind open. Even the simplest of information will assist you in making a good purchase.

You should always walk into the dealership with a compelling reason. Start with “this was the closest dealership”, or “we’re looking to purchase a car today and this is the farthest we’re going to check. So, this place is the first one we arrived at.” If you make your intention of buying the car clear, it will make it easier for the salesperson to make a reasonable offer.

If you don’t like the car, you can try another tactic. “We will certainly buy a car today, but it seems like it won’t be from here “– this statement will force the best deal out of the salesperson.

3. Lot Time

Even with the greatest of arguments and tactics, there is however a big catch. If the sales agent believes that he will get a better price for the car, he will not sell you the car for anything less. Luckily, we have ways to know what the car is actually worth to the seller. A car dealership is flooded with used cars and a lot of time makes a huge difference. The standard time for this is 180 days in most cases. This means, if the car is a new arrival, just a week or two, you won’t get a good deal with that car.

Similarly, if the car is rare or unique in some way, and the particular car is attracting enough attention, the seller will expect a bigger profit from the sale. Check car websites like car.com to find how many days the car was in that dealership. If the car has stayed in the dealership for a long time, the car will be sold for cheap prices and sent to other dealerships at no profit. That’s when you’re sure to grab a great deal

4. Timing

Timing is another biggest factor. If you go to the dealership during low sales days- Mondays and Tuesdays, you’ll get a better deal. Also, the low-sales months like January and February offer the cheapest offers of the entire year.

A car dealership has millions of dollars worth of cars in inventory. Used cars are depreciating every single day and they’ll be worth a lot less in the future. You should take advantage of this to land on a bargain offer. Don’t forget to enquire into the delivery service and after-sales warranty. If you keep these negotiating tips in mind, you’re sure to land on a great deal.

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