Quick and Essential Facts You Should Know about Leasing a Car in the United Kingdom

Automotiveby Ariana Smith02 November 2018

Leasing Car

If you have been thinking about leasing a car for some time now, then you may already have an idea of how it works. Essentially, you’re renting a car for a certain period, usually 36 months, and you can use it during this period while simply paying a monthly fee. You may also already know that when you lease a car, the car isn’t yours – the leasing firm still owns it, and you simply have to return it once your lease is finished.

But you may also be aware of one other brilliant fact about car leasing: the fact that you can choose from an array of brand-new vehicles, from high-end, luxury vehicles to standard, practical vehicles. This is a big draw for those who are thinking of leasing a car because they can drive around in a car which would otherwise be beyond their means if they tried to buy it. If you’ve always dreamt about driving around in a Maserati or a Porsche, or even a classic Mercedes Benz, you can do so with leasing rather than buying. So what else should you know about car leasing and how it works? Here are some quick and essential facts about leasing a car in the United Kingdom.

It comes with delivery:

When you lease a car in the UK, there are many leasing companies which can offer free delivery to any location within the UK. You don’t have to deal with getting the vehicle yourself – it will be delivered straight to your door. But when choosing a leasing company, confirm this with them as well.

It comes with a warranty:

The car you lease will be covered by the same warranty from the manufacturer as if you had bought it yourself. With this warranty, you don’t have to think about paying for parts breaking down during the lease period as you can have them replaced for free. Many warranties run for about three years, and most agreements for leasing also last for three years – so you’re essentially covered during this time. But again, don’t be afraid to confirm it with the leasing company as some warranties may vary.

You can opt for a maintenance deal:

Whilst your leased vehicle is covered with a warranty, you are still responsible for its servicing in line with the service intervals from the manufacturer. Fortunately, you can opt for cheap car lease deals which come with a maintenance package so that the costs of servicing are already covered during your agreement period. This would add a bit more to your monthly payments, but you could save money with it in the long-term.

No more worries about road tax:

Most lease contracts will also come with road tax as part of the overall cost. With this, you don’t have to deal with renewing the tax on your car every year – the leasing firm will deal with it for you. Here’s another benefit: new vehicles will not require an MOT certificate; it will only be a requirement when a car is over three years old. If your agreement is less than or equal to three years, then you don’t have to get an MOT, either.

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