Things That You Can Do or Send To Show That You Care When You Are At A Distance

Family & Parentingby Ariana Smith26 July 2017

Funeral flowers

When someone whom you love has lost a family member or a loved one and you are far away, it might be hard to show them you care. You could wish to be there and show your love and support and do whatever it takes to ensure that they are doing ok even at a hard time as this. Especially when the person who has passed away is someone dear to you and you cannot make it for the funeral it can be very devastating for you and the family concerned. In such moments its best to mourn from where you are and do whatever you can to show your love and support to the family. In such a hard time as this when your heart I breaking and you are too far to hug or hold your family, here are some things that you could do to make it a little bit better. These ideas can help your family feel like you are there at least in spirit.

Send Them a Video

You could share whatever you wish to share and record it in a video and send it through. They can play this at a private family gathering or at the memorial service. Whichever is more appropriate and should be determined by both you and the family concerned. You could also find out to see if you can attend the funeral via web. This is a service some places offer and is a great way to make sure you feel like you were there. This can be both supportive and beneficial for both you and the family.

Show Your Affections

Funeral flowers and cards are a great way to show your love and sympathy to the family. There are great ways to order things online and via apps downloaded on to your mobile device. This technology makes it possible for you to send in the best possible options that are available to you at the access of your fingertips. Most often a card or show of love is appreciated and will make the family feel less abandoned during the hard times.

Help Pay Bills

Just because you far away do not mean you should not help the family bear the burden of the expenses. Funerals can be very costly and can be a heavy load for just a few to undertake. From the doctors’ fees to the memorial service there is so much to pay for. If someone does not have insurance then the chances of you and the family having to packet out is inevitable. So come together and share the cost and you will soon feel like you have shared the grief and burden. Working together with each other is always a nice way to show love and support to each other during a hard time as this.

Small gestures like this can go along way and make you feel like you have been a part of the whole situation even though you have been far away. Miles should not keep you from assuming your responsibilities and duties to your family.

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