5 Best Couple Counseling Techniques You Can Try To Save Your Relation

Family & Parentingby Mashum Mollah01 February 2017

Couple Counseling

The conflict between husband and wife are common. Though these should always be avoided by trying to understand behavioral differences of each other, sometimes situations go out of control and shake even the healthy unions. Sometimes the conflicts take the situation to the separation, which is never a good option to solve any problem. Before deciding to separate ways, couples should try to talk to each other and if it doesn’t work they should try some counseling techniques. Here are some techniques to help the couples save their union and married life.

Gottman Method

The therapy was decided three decades back with research and practice on above three thousand couples in clinical settings. In Gottman Method, the focus is on counseling of the couples through affection, closeness, and respect. It gives you a chance to understand your partner and discuss problems calmly. It also helps you learn about your partner’s psychological world by understanding their worries, stresses, joys and history.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Developed by Dr. Susan Johnson, they marriage counseling is used worldwide in hospitals not just for couples but also for family counseling. This therapy works best in situations where depression is the major culprit of relationship woes. Emotionally focused therapy works on three goals: encouragement to the expansion and reorganization of key emotional responses; the tight bond between the couple and beneficial interactions in the partnership.

Positive Psychology

This counseling therapy works on positive emotions, character strengths and constructive institutions for a strong bond between the couple. It derives happiness from various mental and emotional factors. Most of the marriage counseling service providers like Dial My Angel also focus on positive psychology to help the couple forget the past and live in the present moment for a better future.

In this technique, the counselors remind clients to record the experiences they currently have by using beepers. You need to note down the entries in the journal with the details of the previous day. The only condition to practice this counseling technique is to enjoy the moments when you experience them.

Exploring Unconscious Roots of Problems

The purpose of this psychodynamic counseling technique is to bring the unconscious roots of a problem to the surface to find out to whom it belongs. This technique works in the situations when married couples show irrational patterns of reactions. Significant life events, childhood experiences or unfaithful parents that might create an unfulfilled need lead to dysfunctional behavior. People who went through such problems in the past have unreasonable expectations from the partner that sometimes make relation sour. Counselors in this technique explore major past experiences and change the perceptions to help the couple live a happy married life.

Analyzing the Communication

Sometimes the inability to communicate can also spoil a healthy relation. It becomes the root cause of many problems in a relationship. The couples who don’t have smooth communication find it difficult to solve their conflicts due to lack of communication which later worsens the situation. For a smooth, happy and healthy union in married life, it is important that partners speak their mind rather than expecting each other to read minds and body language.

To help the couples, counselors analyze the communication techniques used by the couples and their impact on the relation. A therapist finds out the communication forms that create misunderstanding and try to alleviate them with professional counseling.

Breaking a relationship is never a good option. Before taking the drastic step to part ways, married couples should try their best to save their relationship and professional marital counseling is one of the best ways for this. Experts at Dial My Angel understand the problems, find out the root cause, and provide solutions to the problem.

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