Top Tips For Keeping The Family Fit Over The Holidays

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Keeping The Family Fit Over The Holidays

Many people tend to take a small back seat on their fitness goals with the holiday season on. And as we know, Christmas is a time, most of us overindulge and go a little extra on the goodies. From doing excess shopping for our loved ones, spending loads of money, and eating way too much. Once the holiday seasons are over, we are a little rounder in the belly, and our wallets are much thinner – like they have been training over the season.

So how about doing it a little differently this time around. These are some of the top tips for keeping the family fit over the holidays.

Try And Keep Up With Your Activities:

Try And Keep Up With Your Activities:

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Try and maintain the same routine you have been doing before the holidays; if the gym is not accessible at this time, there are different ways you can keep moving and stay active. Start your day with a bike ride around your community or brisk walking. If you were doing some aerobics and kickboxing, don’t take a break from this. And after a huge dinner, how about rounding your family together for a simple family walk. It is another great way to get your family bonding.

Ensure You Are Not Skipping Any Meals:

Christmas holidays mean going to several parties and frequent visits to family and friends. Being up and about can make you skip a meal because you already know you will feast at the party. But this causes more harm; you might think skipping a meal will compensate for how much you will eat later, but rather overeating will make you feel hungrier later on, thus lead you to overeat again. Even when attending a party, try and ensure you have eaten a balanced meal, and at least three meals a day.

Try And Incorporate Some Sports In Your Holiday Activity:

Christmas hangout doesn’t have to be in the house, seating on a couch, and chatting away; how about having a fun activity like football, some cricket, or even having some fun with your Frisbee. A great way to keep the bonding sessions fun while keeping your family active through the season.

Try And Eat Less:

Try And Eat Less:

The holiday season is about munching on something after every five minutes, from the yummy cookies, cakes, and treats to the roasted potatoes, meats, and sausages. And at the end of the day, we have consumed so much that will later reflect on our bellies. So how about trying to eat less but more often, snack on a few things, and watch your portions. You can still enjoy these yummy treats but in a more controlled manner.

Ensure You Are Managing Your Indulgences:

This is the one time of the year you can eat all these yummy treats without someone making you feel guilty, and at times this leads us to overindulge. So how about you manage and balance your snacks? You can overindulge but at controlled portions, and try to eat slowly as you savor the treats.


The holiday is a time to bond with family and friends and a time for your taste buds to bond with new foods and treats. But in all this happening ensure you put in some time for being active both you and your family.

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