6 Must-Have Things In Your Rakhi Thali To Celebrate The Festival In Australia

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Rakhi Thali To Celebrate

Bandhan is not only about tying Rakhi on a brother’s wrist and receiving the gift against it. It symbolizes the precious bond between brother and sister and is celebrated in the entire country and abroad. This festival is observed in different ways in various parts of the country, but rakhi thali is common in every community to perform the sacred rituals of Raksha Bandhan. Girls do different activities for their brothers that include decorating Thali to make the day memorable. Below are some of the necessary items you must have in your rakhi thali to celebrate the festival in Australia.

6 Things Must Have In Your Rakhi Thali While Performing The Ritual

Decorating Raksha Bandhan Thali is the primary activity that any girl loves to do. This includes various types of sweets and lots of efforts to express love towards their siblings. Though you can include the things according to your choice but below are some of the important items that you must have in your Thali.

1] A Beautiful Rakhi

Rakhi is the essential entity that you should have when you are going to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Several types of Rakhi are available in the market that you can purchase online.

2] Roli

Roli is the second important thing you must include in your Rakhi thali. Roli is the sacred thread that is used on every occasion of Hindu festivals. It is believed that tying this thread will protect from evils, and it is tied to every member of the family.

3] Kumkum

Kumkum is needed to be put on the brother’s forehead before starting the rakhi ceremony. This is done to bless them and in the hope that they get the strength to grab all the knowledge they need.

4] Akshat/ Rice

The special type of rice called “Arawa Chawal”, aka Akshat, is the essential part of rakhi thali. Without this rice, every ritual is incomplete, according to Hindu mythology. It is used to remove all the evil that is surrounding your brother.

5] Diya

After performing the initial rituals to get rid of all the evils, the sister enlightened the aura of their brother, which is done by lighting diyas. This lamp is shown to the brothers called “Arti” to enlighten their life with happiness.

6] Sweets

Indians are fond of various food items, and they include various dishes to celebrate any occasion. Sweets are the heart of any celebration, and people start up with sweets. In the end, sweets and desserts are needed to finish the ceremony of Raksha Bandhan by sweetening each other’s mouths. So, don’t forget to decorate your Rakhi thali with a variety of chocolates, sweets, Rakhi, flowers, and other things.

If you love art and craft, you will have your own creativity to decorate the Raksha Bandhan thali. But still, if you want to make it so beautiful, let’s see some quick ideas to prepare a nice Indian-looking Rakhi thali in Australia.

4 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Thali

Decorating Thali is the favourite activity that is pursued by the girls or women for their brothers on Raksha Bandhan. Several websites are available that offer delivery rakhi online to Australia, including a set of rakhi thali that you can send to your brother staying abroad. But if you have a plan to celebrate the festival together in Australia, then below are the unique ideas to decorate your Rakhi thali.

1] Traditional Rakhi Thali

You can use a simple steel thali available in every household to make a traditional rakhi thali. You can colour it with oil paints and design it in the way you desire. You can also use lashes on edge and even in the inner part of the Thali to provide a decorative border. Paste mirror cuttings, stars, and other decorative items to make it beautiful.

You can also use Kundan, stones, zardozi, and other similar items to give it a traditional look. You can use the same technique with two steel bowls to store Kumkum and rice separately.

2] Ceramic Thali Decoration

You can also use ceramic plates to make your Raksha Bandhan Thali. Ceramics are glass-like materials that don’t allow any paint to stay on them. So, you can use velvet paper or gift wrapping paper to cover the inner part of the plate. Cut the paper as per the inner dimension of the Thali and stick it on. You can use the different designs of cuttings of velvet paper to enhance the beauty of your Thali.

You can have two bowls and paint them according to your choice. Give a final touch by surrounding all the items with a pearl chain, giving a traditional look with a modern touch.

3] Bamboo Thali Decoration

You can make your bamboo thali using bamboo plates, and if you don’t have it, you can use polystyrene plates. Stick cloth on the plate as per the colour of your choice and stick decorative items like stars, stone, mirror cuttings, and many more. You can also use laces to stick on the border to make it more beautiful, and you can make a simple plate attractive.

4] Designer Rakhi Thali

If you don’t want to make much effort, then you can use readymade plates that are already designed, like flowers and leaves. Just place some white sweets in the centre and have a traditional rakhi with some rice, Diya, and Kumkum to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan.

Bottom Line

Raksha Bandhan is the synonym for unconditional love between a brother and a sister. And this love can be seen during the sacred festival of Raksha Bandhan. This is the most awaited festival of siblings in India and around the world where the whole generation makes so much effort to celebrate this festival.

So, if you are living in Australia with your brother or planning a surprise visit to tie him a rakhi, then try to decorate the Thali with the essential elements available in your local market. The takeaway is; that nothing should come in the path to celebrating unconditional love between your sibling.

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