Timothee Chalamet And Kylie Jenner Together At U.S. Open Men’s Final: Interesting!

Newsby Rishab Dey12 September 2023

Timothee Chalamet And Kylie Jenner Together At U.S. Open Men’s Final_ Interesting!

It is the second time they have been seen together, and people worldwide, including in the industry, are going haywire! Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner were spotted in the U.S. Open Men’s finals enjoying tennis on Sunday.

The “Dune” actor Timothee Chalamet wore a dark gray tee with sunglasses and a black hoodie, while the Kylie Cosmetics founder wore a black t-shirt and sunglasses! Based on their appearances, they seemed quite relaxed while Kylie enjoyed a Grey Goose Honey Deuce cocktail!

Pictures have been taken of the couple, showing the two quite engrossed in conversation as Kylie is seen whispering something in Chalamet’s ear. In contrast, another picture shows them enjoying the game with other spectators.

People are curious about the couple, especially because this is their second outing together, where they have been spotted openly flaunting each other’s company. Jenner and Chalamet were first seen together on 4 September 2023, attending Beyonce’s birthday concert.

TMZ took the video going viral from Beyonce’s birthday concert. In the video, the Call Me by Your Name actor and the beauty business owner swayed together during the show. They were sneaking kisses over the night.

There has not been any confirmation from the parties, thus fueling further rumors about the two. Fans of both celebrities are still confused over the idea of them as a couple, especially when both are A-listers on their own accord.

The couple have come together from the opposite spectrum of the industry and are now together. Both shock and surprising reactions are being received! None of the couples’ representatives have confirmed the news of their dating.

People are fascinated by the pairing and are curious! Their stolen kisses raise many questions. With a second appearance, it is quite interesting to see what the couple say about their hanging out together. However, the point is whether the couple is here to stay!

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