Tips to Make Your Bathroom Sparkling and Hygienic

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah25 March 2019

Bathroom Sparkling

Bathroom cleaning is not fun, let’s be honest. It is not a task most wanted to do. However, a clean bathroom is important not only for good hygiene but also for inspiring and uplifting. There are several tips that will make your bathroom sparkling and clean such as sandpaper.

Why sandpaper?


Hard-to-remove stains on a tub or sink make them look old and unclean but they can be removed with ultrafine sandpaper. Try it! Once you apply the sandpaper, then buff it with a clean cloth. It will look like new.

Try some baby oil for chrome:

If you want your sink to shine, try baby oil. Apply some baby oil on a soft cloth and you will have a shiny faucet. Try it and see!

Vinegar comes through:

Vinegar in a spray bottle can work wonders! Spray some vinegar on bathroom surfaces for some shine as well as on tough stains in the bathroom, mixed with baking soda. Let it stand for a while, scrub and then rinse with water. The surface areas will look cleaner and brighter. Sign up for Simplymaid to know more about newer DIY techniques for cleaning home.

Use vinegar:


Vinegar is the rescue again! For a clean and bright showerhead, soak it in vinegar overnight or soak it in a small bowl; a bowl that is attached to the showerhead with a thick rubber band or adhesive. You will have a sparkling shower head.

Clean your shower and tub after every use:

Many are finding great results for a clean and sparkling shower and tub by using a squeegee. Use a squeegee after you get out of the tub. If you do this every time, you will prevent a buildup of bacteria, mildew, and stains. Use a squeegee on your shower glass doors, too.

Vinegar to remove toilet stains:

Vinegar is the all-purpose cleaner in the bathroom. It is a fantastic product and affordable. To clean your toilet, add about three cups of vinegar to the toilet and scrub; unwanted marks will come off. To keep your toilet flowing well, add a couple of cups of vinegar once a month. Let it sit for about an hour and flush. Works well!

Use liquid soap:

liquid soap

Put away the bar soap! Instead, use liquid soap with a pump or try a hands-free soap dispenser. Without the slippery and grimy soap dish, you will keep your sink and countertop cleaner, free of soap residue.

Turn on the exhaust fan:

As you enter your bathroom, flip on the fan and then flip it off before you leave. This little trick will keep the air inside your bathroom fresh and it will keep mildew from forming.

Keep your clothes hamper in a convenient location:

As you prepare for a shower, don’t let your clothes end up on the floor. Keep clothes hamper in your bathroom and keep your dirty clothes in them. This little tip will keep your bathroom tidy and clean. To conclude, follow the above tips and keep your bathroom sparkling clean! These tips will keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean all the time.

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