How Does Tobacco Affect Your Social Life?

Health & Fitnessby Mashum Mollah11 November 2020

Tobacco Affect

Tobacco has been a huge part of our culture since the formation of America. Although it has become less popular in recent decades, 38 million American adults are still regular smokers.

Many experts have discussed the health implications of tobacco use. However, there are other considerations that don’t receive as much attention. The social consequences of smoking can be very significant, too.

Smoking can have both positive and detrimental effects on your social life. However, it is likely that most smokers find that it is a net negative since the habit seems to have become more stigmatized in recent years. This is why tobacco free dip seems to be a lot more popular these days.

What Impact Does Smoking Have On Your Social Life?

Smoking is a multifaceted lifestyle choice. The net impact that it has on every individual’s social life is unique. However, there are some common observations that smokers and people in their lives will make. Some of the biggest ways that smoking impacts your social life are listed below.

Friends With Kids Might Feel You Are A Bad Influence

Your tobacco use might not seem like a big deal to your friends and family when you are younger. However, things change after your friends start having children.

Friends that didn’t mind your habit before might want to start distancing themselves. They might be worried that their children will be exposed to secondhand smoke. They also are likely to be concerned that you will be a bad influence. They don’t want to explain to their children why their best friend smokes cigarettes after lecturing them about how it is a bad habit.

Your Dating Life Will Suffer

People often have more trouble dating if they are smokers. A survey by revealed some harrowing statistics about cigarette use. The survey found that:

  • 90% of the participants would prefer not to date a smoker
  • 10% of the male participants that smoked themselves would prefer not to date another smoker
  • 5% of the female participants that smoked themselves would prefer not to date another smoker
  • 57% of the participants would not even consider dating somebody that smoked
  • 78% of the participants would be reluctant to date a smoker over concerns of the smoker’s own health
  • 62% of the participants were hesitant to date a smoker over concerns for their own health due to secondhand smoke exposure
  • 75% of the participants were concerned about the smell of smoke on the clothing of a smoker they were dating
  • 80% of the participants were worried about the smell of smoke in their home or vehicle

It is clear that smoking makes dating much more difficult. You will automatically miss out on the opportunity to date over half of the population.

The study didn’t break the findings down by demographics.

Smoking Might Make Certain Social Activities More Difficult

Even if your friends are tolerant of your habit, smoking can still indirectly harm your relationships. One of the biggest ways that smoking can get in the way is by making it harder to participate in certain physical activities.

This can really hinder relationships with friends that want to live more active lifestyles. You’re going to have a hard time bonding with them by going on hikes, participating in pickup leagues, swimming, or other social activities that are more physically active.

Quitting Smoking Could Be Important For Your Social Life

Cigarettes can really damage your social life in a number of ways. You should seriously consider giving them up if you want to maintain a strong social circle and maximize your chances of finding a partner.

Fortunately, quitting smoking is not as difficult as you might think. Over 61% of Americans that have ever smoked have successfully quit.

However, it is important to have the right smoking cessation plan. You might need to use tobacco alternatives for a while to take the edge off your nicotine cravings. You also need to make sure that you have the right mindset and are committed to following through.

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