U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Has Suspended Services In Multiple Post Offices!

News by  sagnika sinha 22 December 2023

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Has Suspended Services In Multiple Post Offices!

If you are the one who leaves everything at the last minute, then you will be in severe soup with your Christmas presents. Especially if you are in Pennsylvania, you might face delivery challenges. According to a Service Alert on 15 December, services will be suspended in Pennsylvania, Limekiln Post Office at 820 Limekiln Road.

Based on the reports, the 820 LimeKiln Road office has an expired lease, and the agency wants to keep it. They are looking for a new location to open the post office again. Hence, the services will be suspended at that location. So if you want to use USPS parcel select ground, read further!

Customers close to this location are being instructed to access P.O. Box services and retail services at the Oley Post Office. The office is located at 644 Main Street, as per the local press release on 18 December. In the release, the USPS apologized for all the inconvenience caused.

Another 15 December alert informed that another post office was at 30th St. Train Station Post Office. That is in Amtrak station in Philadephia at 2955 Market St. Lobby, and it is being relocated; hence, the services have been suspended there also.

Also, there have been remodeling plans for the post office at Amtrak; hence, the new USPS lease still needs to be renewed. Due to the suspension of services, the customers are being redirected to the Philadelphia Main Post Office, which is located at 3000 Chestnut Street.

The spokesperson of USPS, Paul F. Smith, revealed that as a brand and service, USPS is trying to provide the best to all customers. So even when certain post offices are closed permanently and services are suspended temporarily, they redirect customers to other post offices.

It might be a little difficult, especially when the distance to the post office is too far; however, it does help all customers in the long term. Everyone will be satisfied with the services and delivery, especially during Christmas.

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