6 Unusual Signs of Cancer

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Cancer is one of the most devastating diagnoses’ a person can get, and yet it’s one that so many people face. In 2020, over 10 million people worldwide died from cancer, making it a leading cause of death across the globe.

What’s worse is that numbers of cancer patients and subsequent deaths are set to rise in coming decades, making it an even grimmer reality.

When we hear the word cancer, most of us envision patients attending specialist treatment centers like the Rutherford Cancer Centre in Reading, having to undergo drawn-out and often unpleasant treatments that can compromise a person’s quality of life immeasurably. What we don’t think of are symptoms, at least not beyond lumps.

As morbid as it is, we need to be more when it comes to talking about cancer., especially from an early detection point of view. Catching cancer early can be the difference between life and death, so it’s important to know the symptoms. Here are six of the more unusual signs of cancer (these are not definite, but they’re worth speaking to a GP about if you spot them).

1. Frequent bruising

Bruising is a normal response from your body when you bump into something or take an impact on a part of your body. It happens when blood pools under the skin, often causing tenderness and the yellow, green, red, and purple appearance you’re familiar with. Most of us know when to expect a bruise, such as when we walk into a table or fall over.

The issue with bruising comes when you can’t identify the source. If you’ve not done anything to warrant a bruise but keep finding them on your body, it could be a sign of blood cancer.

2. Ongoing fatigue

2. Ongoing fatigue

Feeling tired is completely natural and normal, to an extent. Fatigue is different from tiredness and should be taken more seriously as it’s usually a sign of something else. If you find that you have no energy, no matter how much sleep you get, it could be a symptom of anemia, or it could be another symptom of blood cancer.

3. Frequent illness/infection

You should expect to get sick with a fever or an infection every year, but in most cases, they disappear and don’t tend to return for quite a while. People who find themselves constantly poorly or with a high temperature should see a GP immediately. Frequent illness is a sign of a compromised immune system, and this could be a result of cancer.

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4. Night sweats

If you wake up drenched in sweat, even in the middle of winter in a cold room, this is abnormal and should be treated as such. Frequent night sweats are mostly associated with lymphoma, although the reason behind them is still unknown.

5. Persistent heartburn

5. Persistent heartburn

Your digestive system is a great indicator of your overall health, with abnormal changes being a strong indicator that something isn’t quite right. Bloating and stomachache are the most common symptoms, but another one that shouldn’t be ignored is persistent heartburn. If you have heartburn on a regular basis, and if it’s paired with other symptoms like vomiting or nausea, it could be a sign of stomach cancer.

6. Feeling full

We all know when we’re full, but if you notice you’re beginning to feel full after eating very small meals or within a few bites of a meal, there’s a chance your stomach is swollen or something is obstructing it. This could be a symptom of cancer, such as stomach cancer.


These are just six unusual symptoms of cancer. They don’t necessarily mean you have cancer, but as mentioned, it’s well worth going to the doctors to get checked out and to be on the safe side.

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