7 Common Used Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid 

Automotiveby Ankita Tripathy22 May 2024

7 Common Used Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid 

Common used car buying mistakesAre you thinking of buying a car but trying to decide which one to pick? Secondhand cars are always a popular choice when buying a car. The buyers in the UK at least prefer to buy used cars over brand-new ones for years now! 

There are several reasons to buy a used car, the most important being low purchase price. Used cars are cheaper than new ones, whose prices can go lower if defects exist. 

You should still pick the one with the most defects to cut costs. This will be an unwise decision as you will end up paying more than it costs to get rid of the defects over time. 

Let us explore the mistakes to avoid while buying a used car. 

Are Used Cars Better Investments Than New Ones? 

Before we tell you what common used car buying mistakes are, let us brief you on how to save your money and get the best value. This is done by comparing whether a new or used car will be a better buy for you. 

A common opinion is that new ones are always better. You get a car that’s in mint condition and does not make you always run to the mechanic! That is true; however, if you do not care for the new car, it will take you to the garage more anyway. 

Do you know about depreciation? Well, for those of us who need to be better versed in accounting jargon, depreciation is a concept where the value of an asset is spread over its useful life. In the case of cars, a new car has a higher depreciation than a used one. 

Buying a used car (after you have checked its condition) will be a better investment. You are more likely to profit better when you sell the car, making it easier to get a better value. 

7 Mistakes You Are Making While Buying A Used Car! 

Here’s a look at the top seven mistakes you may make while buying a used car. These also remind you of things to check when investing in a used car. Have a look: 

Ignoring Your Budget

    Sticking to a budget is one of the wisest things to do. No matter if it is financing a sports car or paying for a car upfront. It is easy for us to get carried away when we think of buying cars. The thought of which car to purchase and the fact that you want to avoid overpaying for it is expected.

    Choosing to finance a used car requires you to be sure of the decision to be able to pay at the end of each term. If you fail to follow through with the payments, you may face dire consequences that won’t look pretty. 

    Failing To Check The Car’s History

      Not being the car’s first owner may seem like a disadvantage, but you must try to know its history. This will help you avoid regrets of not buying a new car instead, as a used one can give you a better resale value, but you must be mindful about buying it. A common used car buying mistake that you can easily avoid!

      There are ways to find out the history of the car for free, thanks to technological advancements. Several tools and apps have been developed to help car buyers. Most of these are free, but some may require a small fee to use its services. These apps can help you get a full report of the car’s history and even show any damage the car had. 

      You can even get information on any outstanding finances on the car, which can help you avoid paying more than you should while buying. 

      Buying From An Untrustworthy Dealer

        One of the most common used car buying mistakes. Not only is the car you buy essential, but it’s also good to find out where you’ve got it from. Quickly looking up the dealership online can help you go through the experiences of other buyers. This can give you an idea of the dealership’s customer service

        Reading the reviews will help you know if the previous buyers recommend their service or even buy the car you’re considering purchasing. If you want to finance a vehicle, you can also get the verification and regulation done by the Financial Conduct Authority.

        Didn’t Check Your Credit Before Finance

          Another one of the common used car buying mistakes is this! If you are planning to finance your next used car? You can check the credit file before applying, which can help! The lenders will perform a credit card check on your behalf and determine how likely you are to repay the loan. This is helpful when getting ahead of the game and checking your report before the lender.

          You also get the opportunity to save your credit score or reverse any mistake on your file. A low credit score can make it difficult to get approval for finances; this is also helpful in seeing if your application has been declined.

          Not Up To Date With ULEZ Areas

            Several cities are adopting clean areas or Ultra-Low Emission Zones. Your car should meet the requirements of these zones, which can help you evade congestion charges.

            Older models of cars may not qualify for congestion exclusion. Checking it makes it easier to know if the vehicle you want to buy will make you pay extra for such regions.

            Did Not Check Car Insurance Rates

              You can also check if the commitment to buying a used car is for you and if the insurance rates are correct. This will help you compare the rates between banks and know which is best for you. Before you go all in with the purchase, you can ensure that personal factors do not come between your purchase. 

              Some personal factors that make a difference in insurance premiums are your history of driving and if you have been in an accident. The choice of car also makes a difference to your premium. 

              Moreover, there is a high chance that your chosen car requires a higher fixing cost. Thus, you must ensure that you compare the car insurance costs first to afford your car’s running costs.

              You Did Not Negotiate The Price

                It can be nearly impossible to get a dealer to budge on the price of a new car but used cars can be easier to negotiate. If you’re buying from a dealer or private seller there can be room to wiggle the price and get a better deal. You’re probably not going to get 50% off the advertised price but you may be able to get a small discount.


                People thinking of investing in used property should avoid used car buying mistakes. It is essential to consider these things as you are aware of different aspects that matter! Used cars are risky for some because the dealership may conceal important information. 

                This article helps you know what to be careful of and the mistakes you can avoid. Let us know in the comments below if you have any used car buying hacks!

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