Floor and Order: Ways to Free Up More Space in Your Loft and Tidy It Up

Home & garden by  Ariana Smith 19 April 2021 Last Updated Date: 10 May 2021

Ways to Free Up More Space in Your Loft and Tidy It Up

Right now, many of us have plenty of free time on our hands – time we can spend sorting out those jobs that had previously long been left languishing on our to-do lists, like clearing out our lofts.

If your own loft is darker than the Batcave and often only used as a repository for random junk, you could benefit immensely from doing something about that. You could make your loft space tidier, more spacious, and possibly even ripe for a full-scale loft conversion.

Watch Out For Dead Animals

Something else your loft could have in common with the Batcave is the presence of bats. In your case, though, the bats probably aren’t going to be alive. Over time, more and more animals might have sneaked into your loft through gaps in the roof, potentially resulting in a lot of dead fauna lying around the loft.

If anything is still alive up there, it could be a whole community of wasps. If there’s an active wasp nest in your loft, you should call pest control, as Ideal Home urges.

Decide What You Want To Keep And What You Can Lose

Decide What You Want To Keep And What You Can Lose

Digging around in the loft can be a wistfully nostalgic journey – one where you uncover photos and videos of loved ones, broken gadgets you once intended to repair, stained paperback books from the ‘80s… you get the picture. However, are there certain items you could part with?

If so, you should indeed get rid of them – perhaps putting them in a bag or box labeled “Trash” or “Charity” depending on whether the intended contents will be disposed of or instead donated.

Whatever Items You Choose To Keep, Organize Them

Whether for sentimental or drably practical reasons, your loft probably has certain objects you would deem indispensable – even if they are in a part of the home you don’t anticipate visiting more than occasionally.

Good examples of these items might include paperwork and clothing. The British Heart Foundation suggests that you could protect these by keeping them in airtight containers clearly labeled on all sides of each box so that you could easily retrieve the contents as and when necessary.

Look For Creative Ways To Free Up Storage Space

If you need inspiration, Real Homes has more than a few quirky ideas for loft storage. For example, you could build storage into and under your loft’s eaves, while you could also create modular storage arrays from brackets, shelves, rails, and drawers – ideal for when you want the flexibility of a makeshift rather than a permanent solution.

Consider Having New Boarding Installed In Your Loft

Loft boarding can increase your home’s floor space by as much as 50%, though you should be careful not to settle for cheap standard loft boarding. This more basic option could require you to squash or remove insulation and consequently curb your home’s energy efficiency rating.

It’s worth paying extra for high-quality loft boarding. Keep in mind, for example, that Instaloft provides a great loft boarding service for various homes across the UK.

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