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Adopt A Nickname

Do you belong to the category who hate their names? Names and personal identity are often closely woven together – more closely than we even realize at times. Sometimes this can be a good thing (as anyone with a strong name can attest to). Other times, it’s detrimental to the way we view ourselves and the world around us.

If you fall into the latter category, perhaps it’s finally time to do something about it.  A name is something that cannot be changed after we get all our government-approved documents. At least, not easily! So, what can be done when somebody is not too fond of their name? Let’s have a look below!

Common Reasons Why People Hate Their Names

If you hate your name, chances are, one of the following culprits is to blame:

The name is difficult to spell/pronounce

If you have a name that’s difficult to spell or pronounce, it can be extremely frustrating to go through life. Every time your name comes up, you have to correct the pronunciation. Or anytime someone asks you for your name, you have to spell it out. Then there are situations where people misspell your email address or get your information wrong. It’s a whole mess that could be avoided with a simpler name.

The name is way too popular

While some people hate their names for being unique and that people can’t spell or pronounce, other people are tired of having a name that’s extremely common and generic. This makes it difficult to stand out and make a name for yourself.

The name is associated with someone else

What happens when you have the same name as someone who is a notorious criminal or politician that half the country hates? Or what about someone else in your town who does something embarrassing and becomes a public laughingstock? At no fault of your own, your name instantly becomes associated with that individual.

The name no longer fits you

If you were born one gender but now identify with another gender, your birth name might not fit who you are. Or maybe you got married and legally changed your name, only to regret the fact that your first name no longer sounds great when combined with your new last name. This is more common than you may realize.

These are just a few of the reasons why some people hate their names. You may have another reason that’s totally valid. But the larger point is that you can do something about it.

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Options For People Who Hate Their Names

Don’t let your hatred or distaste for your name make you bitter and resentful. Instead, proactively do something about it. Here are three practical options:

Adopt A Nickname

If your name doesn’t resonate with you, one option could be to use a nickname or your middle name. Nicknames offer flexibility and can be based on your interests, a shortened version of your name, or even completely unrelated to your given name. It’s an informal way to modify how you’re addressed without resorting to legal changes.

Don’t worry, as a lot of people hate their names. Another method could be to use a shortened version or an initial of your name. If your name is long or difficult to pronounce, a short form might be more appealing and accessible. For instance, someone named “Theodore” could choose to go by “Theo,” or “Katherine” could become “Kate.”

Go By Your Middle Name

If you have a middle name, you could opt to go by that name instead. This doesn’t do anything to change your legal name – and you’ll still have to use your full name for legal documents – but it can solve most of your “name issue” on a daily basis.

For instance, your parents picked an uncommon name, such as Princess. There is no way you will be taken very seriously in case you want to become a doctor. In such cases, stick to your middle name if it is more conventional and is audibly more pleasing.

Legally Change Your Name

There was a recent post on the UK Deed Poll Office website where a young man told the story about how his father gave him the birth name “Chewy” after Chewbacca the Wookie from the Star Wars movie trilogy. He recounts the endless teasing that he went through as a kid.

“The worst part about having a name you hate is the fact that I didn’t feel like it fit my identity,” he remembers. “When I looked in the mirror and said my name out loud I didn’t feel any connection. Still to this day whenever someone calls me by my birth name I feel a little pang of annoyance inside.”

But once he reached adulthood, he realized that changing his name wasn’t as difficult as he thought it would be. All he had to do was fill out a deed poll, and his name went from Chewy to Winston. You could do the same. (If you’re in the United States, the process doesn’t involve a deed poll, but it’s still very easy. You can learn more here.)

Alter The Spelling

Play with the spelling, jazz it up a little when you hate your name! Not sure how? We will tell you. Suppose your name is Katherine, and you find it a bit boring. Why not opt for Katheryn or Catherine? The age today follows trends. So, don’t shy away from altering the spelling of your name. 

Changing the spelling is a much better option since you are not changing the name completely; you are just changing the way it is written. People who are acquainted with calling you will have to make no changes in their way. Isn’t it a smart trick?

Set Yourself Up For Success

Your name isn’t the only thing that defines you – but it’s certainly a factor. If you hate your name, it’s time to do something about it. Set yourself up for success by changing your name to something that you resonate with. It’s one small (but enormously positive) step in the right direction!

While changing the name might have an impact on your surrounding, it can certainly make you feel good about yourself. So, take note of the above-mentioned points and make an informed decision about it. That’s all! Let us know your newly-preferred name in the comment section.

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