5 Tips to How To Smoke A Brisket Like A Pro

Foodby Ariana Smith08 January 2019

Smoke A Brisket

Are you someone who loves the decadent flavor of a smoked brisket? Well then welcome to the group. Smoked brisket is something that everyone loves to eat and enjoy with the family. It is the ideal food to be prepared for in any holiday dinner or family get together. Nothing beats the classic flavor of a smoked brisket.

But are you scared of making your own smoked brisket at home? Have you never tried to smoke up a brisket before? Then my friend you have found the right place to get your boost of knowledge on how you can smoke a brisket. It is super easy and all you need is a smoker, meat, and your favorite rub and spices. So without further due let’s get on with the process of smoking a brisket like a pro.

Buying the meat:

Buying the meat

The first step of smoking a brisket is obviously getting the meat. Now here is the tricky part. You need to make sure that the meat you pick is of the best quality possible. Secondly, you have to pick up meat with the right amount of marbling in it and that is fresh. Once you have bought your meat you need to give it a good wash with warm water before you proceed any further. Once you have washed it the, eat is all ready to be subbed in spices and smoked.

Prepare the rub:

For the meat rub, you can use absolutely any spice and seasoning you love and prefer. You can use cayenne pepper or chili pepper, thyme, rosemary and whichever herb you seem to prefer the most. Once you have mixed up all your favorite spices in a dry mixture, rub it over the meat and coat it completely.

Prepare the smoker:

Prepare the smoker

Get your smoker preheated and maintain the temperature at a constant 200 to 250 degrees F. It is very crucial to keep the temperature of the smoker at this rate for the brisket to cook evenly throughout.

Smoking the brisket:

Once you are all set it is time to put the meat into the smoker. The size of the meat will determine how long you will have to smoke it and it takes to take longer if the size of the meat is larger. Another thing that you need to take into consideration while smoking a brisket is that if it is a rainy day you need to bring the temperature down a notch for the brisket to cook properly.

Once done, use a skewer and drive it through the meat. If it slides through easily without any resistance than your meat is cooked perfectly.

Resting the brisket:

This is the most important part of the smoking process. Once you are done cooking the meat, take it out of the smoker and wrap it up in a foil and let it rest for an hour. What this will do is that the meat will be able to absorb in all the juices and won’t lose any of the flavors when you slice it.


Smoked brisket is a family favorite and a perfect dish to serve in any dinner party. No matter what occasion it is you can serve it to the guests and they will love it. BBQ has been in tradition for the oldest of time and the rustic and classic flavors linger on your taste buds for a long time. Hence do give this recipe a try and we can assure you that the guests at your bbq party won’t stop praising your cooking.

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