6 Beauty Hacks For Hot Summer Holidays

Lifestyleby Abdul Aziz Mondal14 March 2023

Beauty Hacks For Hot Summer Holidays

Summer is the time for effortless beauty, chic loungewear, and epic vacation selfies. The long days continue into long nights, setting the stage for adventure, romance, and laughter. You probably start to agonize over your summer wardrobe in March, and by April, you’re renovating your beauty drawer to make sure you have the right shades and products to carry you through August. But hot and humid weather can destroy even the most Instagram-worthy look. Here are six beauty hacks you need for those hot summer holidays. 

1. Try Mattifying Sunscreen

When you’re spending all day on the beach or in a new city, try mattifying sunscreen instead of the same basic sunscreen you’ve used for years. Sunscreen technology has improved dramatically, and, since you have to wear it anyway, you might as well pick a product that is multifunctional. The best mattifying sunscreens feel weightless, sink into the skin effortlessly, and also minimize the look of pores. This is exactly what you need if you want to get a double take while on your beachy Caribbean cruise trip.

2. Go For A Bare-Skin Look

If you’re usually a full-coverage type of person, you’ll want to retool your approach and go for a bare-skin look for those scorching days under the sun. The bare-skin look is trending, so you won’t seem like an outsider if you jump on board. 

Even makeup artists agree that a light application of products will hold up better in the heat. Reach for your serum-based foundations with sheer to light coverage and stick concealers that don’t weigh down your look. Finish everything off with waterproof mascara and a bit of bronzer or blush to add a natural glow. You can use the same product as an eyeshadow to achieve no-makeup makeup perfection.

3. Prime For Your Life

If you need your makeup to last all day so you can upload endlessly to TikTok without losing followers, then you have to use a strong makeup primer. Choose a product that works with your skin type and also performs well in hot and humid conditions. Some primers double as a skincare step, so you can keep that dewy glow that will help you feel comfortable while you’re creating a new viral dance for your friend group.

4. Blot Away Your Worries

You might never do this at other times of the year, but summer requires blotting, blotting, and more blotting. A pro tip from makeup artists is that you should avoid reapplying powder throughout the day in the summer. While 99% of people will get oily at some point in the day, powder only makes your makeup look cakey and flakey. After your initial powder application when you set your look at the beginning of the day, you should touch up your look with blotting sheets or a volcanic rock roller that achieves the same thing.

5. Use Serums For Moisture

Your skincare routine should shift depending on the season, and for summer, you should turn to serums for your moisture needs. Serums and essences will become your best friends for those hot, sweaty days. During summer vacation, you don’t want to weigh your skin down with heavy creams, which will make your skin slippery and make it harder for makeup to stay on. Apply a generous amount of hyaluronic acid serum for that plumping effect that doesn’t leave you oily from the get-go.

6. Care For Your Hair

All that time in the pool or in the ocean is going to damage your hair, so give your mane a little extra TLC during your holiday. When you go on vacation, take a rejuvenating and hydrating hair mask with you and use it at night after you wash your hair. That way, when you get up in the morning for another day at the beach, you’ve given your hair a protective layer to fight off the elements.

Adjusting your routine for extreme weather conditions just makes sense. Use these beauty hacks to keep your skin and makeup fresh, breezy, and beachy all summer long.

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