6 Ways to Cut Marketing Costs Without Losing Business

Marketingby Ariana Smith10 January 2018

Cut Marketing Costs Without Losing Business

Marketing is a core part of the business. This is where the business will be able to reach out to customers and convince them that the company’s products and services are worth trying out. This is the reason why a big chunk of the company’s expenses is allocated for marketing alone. Marketing, after all, is costly.

However, there are ways for marketing costs to be restrained. The usual amount of money that your company spends to promote your offerings can, in fact, be reduced by introducing more science, cheaper alternatives and reusing resources.

6 Ways to Cut Marketing Costs Without Losing Business:

Here are six tips for companies to cut back on the costs of their marketing:

Invest On Good Market Research:

Do not dismiss market research as just a caprice of rich companies. Market research actually makes a lot of financial sense as it gives valuable insight into the needs and demands of the market. As you may already know, mistakes in marketing can be very pricey. Marketing research helps prevent you from spending a big amount of money on a mistake. Through this research, you will be able to know which demographic and area to try to appeal to.

Collaborate With Other Company:

Who says two companies cannot work together with both benefitting from the partnership? Companies can partner to increase consumer awareness of their products. As an example, a detergent company may want to collaborate with a business producing washing machines by creating referral programs. Cross promotions across products will bring value to both companies that are doing it. It also fosters a strong network between the two entities.

Maximize Web Presence Of The Company:

In the age of Facebook and Instagram, it would be foolish for any business that wants to be a success to not be on the Internet in any form. Social media, blogs, and websites are cost-effective strategies to reach out to as many people as possible. Plus, let us admit it: traditional media is much more expensive. Since you are already on the Internet, you may as well maximize its use as a marketing tool. Impress your followers by offering high-quality and relevant content. Post updates on your products and services there regularly as well.

Do Guerilla Marketing:

Creating buzz for the business is a big part of marketing. If you get the people talking about your product, this can translate into better profit in the next few months. All you need for this to happen is a creative mind. You need to be able to come up with a series of marketing activities and events that put a spotlight on the product or at least, the issue that the product is addressing. Do not forget to post your marketing efforts on social media to gain even more traction.

Experiment With Co-Op Advertising:

If your business is selling the products and services of other companies, there is actually a chance for your company to take advantage of it. Some companies have co-op marketing programs that can benefit both parties. In this arrangement, a marketer will assume the financial responsibility of a part of the marketing cost of a product or service if its logo or name is in the packaging.

Save Money From Costs Of Printing Marketing Materials:

Printing marketing materials such as handouts, business cards, brochures make up a significant amount of marketing cost. Having all the materials printed in your own factory or office might be too costly. So, you can hire professional printing service providers to save big bucks and have professional looking and great business cards and other marketing materials.

Marketing plays a big role in the success (or failure) of a company. So, if you are saving a bit of money, the elimination of marketing efforts would be a bad decision. What businesses have to do instead is to make sure that the marketing campaigns are reaching the right people and pushing them to make that purchase. The good thing is this can be done with lesser and more efficient spending.

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