Should You Use an Email Verifier? See Why It’s Indispensable to Your Business

Marketingby Mashum Mollah23 May 2019

Email Verifier

There is no denial over the fact that email marketing contributes towards the overall growth and development of a business. There are different tools, techniques, and technologies to help your email marketing perform better. Apart from finding a reliable email service provider, getting a good email verifier should be at the top of your list.

Why? Because in email marketing, few things are more important than making sure you use a clean email list. Invalid and other bad email addresses can wreak havoc on your campaigns. So removing these types of contacts becomes essential to how your metrics look like. Once your email list is free of bad data, your sender reputation improves and your deliverability will see a boost.

That’s why so many businesses use an email verifier to maintain their email hygiene. It turns out to be an indispensable tool for email marketing campaigns.

Using an email verifier is the fastest way to clean your list:

If you are someone who is into email marketing, then you’re most likely familiar with the term email verifier. You may have thousands and thousands of email addresses in your list and it becomes impossible to verify each and every one of them for accuracy. This is where an email verifier comes into play: it offers a splendid range of features to support your email marketing. Also, it works fast and saves you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Why you should use an advanced email verifier:

Some email verifiers available in the market are out of date and are not up to mark to render accurate results. Hence, it is necessary for one to put in enough time and attention towards finding and picking the right email verifier. Study the market and pay attention to all the features these companies provide. Then, make your choice and start cleaning your list.

Email appending and email scoring enhance your data quality:

One of the best aspects about an email verifier like Zero bounce is that it is able to spot invalid emails swiftly and remove them from your list. It is highly accurate, so you can rest assured that you’re getting back your email list in great shape. Once you get rid of all the bad email addresses, you can resume your email marketing campaigns and reap the benefits.

ZeroBounce also has two features that distinguish it from its competitors:

  • the email appending feature: it adds information about your subscribers, such as their location, gender, and name
  • email scoring: when your email list is clean, you can move forward towards scoring it so you can see exactly how valuable your leads are

Free trial: get 100 free monthly credits:

Zero bounce offers a free trial and, furthermore, once you create an account on their platform, you receive 100 free monthly credits. You can use the free option to see how fast, efficient and reliable the system is. Zero bounce is a must have tool for marketing services and businesses of all sizes.

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