4 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help Grow Your Business

Marketingby Ariana Smith07 January 2019

Digital Marketing

2020 has just begun and the entire digital marketing industry is looking forward to the excellent future that lies ahead. 2019 saw numerous improvements in terms of technology and the marketing landscape. There are many technologies like virtual reality, voice search as well as artificial intelligence that has disrupted the entire digital marketing scenario. Marketers need to adopt the trends and it is expected that the same will continue in 2020 as well. Here are some of the strong trends which will make a huge impact on the industry in 2020.

1. Personalization:

Buyers are now becoming smart and are on the lookout for personalization. Every campaign will have to be personalized so that the consumers can relate to the same. No matter the content of the messages and recommendations, personalization will do the trick. Irrespective of the channel of digital marketing, with personalization, a brand will be able to meet the preferences and the expectations of the consumers. However, it is important to understand and identify the customers so that your digital marketing campaign is targeted towards them.

2. Video Marketing:

Storytelling is a strong aspect of digital marketing and one of the top SEO trends for 2019 will be the move towards video content. It is possible to engage your audience and to drive them into conversions through engaging videos. A customer might make a buying decision based on the videos produced by the brand. Hence, it is important to incorporate video marketing into your digital marketing plan in the coming year. If you overlook the importance of video marketing today, you could lose out on a number of customers to your competition in 2020.

3. Voice Recognition:

It is important for businesses to adopt voice recognition to make it easier for the audience to connect with the brand. It is high time for businesses to optimize their voice search in order to remain in the market. Consumers are attracted to the concept of searching for products hands-free and like to speak to the device instead of typing the same. Now is the time to step up the SEO plan so as to adopt voice recognition for search.

4. Micro-moments:

A business can achieve success if it can catch the attention of the buyer at the right time. Micro-moments come into play here and this is a way of understanding the behavior of the consumer so as to deliver the right message to them and to increase conversions on the same. Businesses will have to integrate the same into their marketing strategy in order to achieve growth in the competitive global e-commerce industry.

2020 will be an exciting and challenging year for every industry and these innovative changes in the digital marketing scenario can help take your business to its potential. The businesses that do not rework their marketing strategies keeping these trends in mind might be left behind in the ever-expanding industry.

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