Social Media is Everywhere – 4 Tips How to Improve Your Business

Social Media by  Ariana Smith 20 November 2017 Last Updated Date: 31 March 2021

Social Media

Statistics show that the number of businesses utilizing social media marketing increases at a staggering rate. More than 80% of SMB owners report they use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to grow their brand and attract a greater audience.

Now, while we can continue listing countless statistics, all of which prove the importance of social media marketing, we believe that no one has explained this great marketing shift better than Fanta.

Teens are in charge, they say, this way announcing that the new generation(s) of consumers are in town – Gen Y and Z, and they are much more social media-oriented than their older counterparts. And no, it’s no longer just about teens – everyone’s hopped on the social media train.

Social Media is Everywhere – 4 Tips How to Improve Your Business:

1. Get instantaneous feedback:

On social media platforms, it all happens in real-time. As soon as you publish a piece of content announcing the release of your new product, promotion, etc. you get to see reactions to it momentarily. Likes, shares, comments – these are all sources of valuable feedback you can use to tweak your product or offer. If it happens that your campaign does not make an expected impact, you don’t waste time wondering what might have gone wrong – you can interact with your instagram followers or other social media followers directly and ask for an opinion.

2. Make it personal:

Improve Your Business

Thanks to social media, the customer has finally got a more active role where they have the chance to participate in the entire process, rather than being just a passive receiver of (partial) information presented by brands. Your potential customers’ social media profiles are the best platform to find out their hobbies, location, interests, needs, and even shopping habits. You have the chance to send a more direct message to a more relevant audience.

But careful, this does not mean your job will get any easier – with more information comes greater responsibility – they expect you to design your offer to suit their tastes and requirements perfectly.

3. Make a multimedia impact:

Let’s get back to the abovementioned Fanta ad – the message they are trying to send is the importance of visuals. We see people around the globe snapping pics with their new favorite products, in return for likes and shares. And what does a product manufacturer get? Advertising with minimal investment.

Improve Your Business

The fact is, visual content is taking over marketing circles – studies have shown that website visitors pay more attention to images than text, and 4 times as many consumers claim they prefer watching a video about a particular product instead of reading about it. The science behind it is simple – our brain processes images 60 thousand times faster than text, so it is no wonder companies incorporate visuals into their SMM.

How you can take your strategy to the next level? Follow in suit those who have incorporated services like PhotoBoothMe in their offices to have their employees take pictures and publish on their personal profiles, or even your company profile, thus humanizing it a bit. Or even better – if you have an influencer waiting for a meeting, they might just hop in to snap a few pics themselves and share them with their followers.

4. Get an influencer on your side:

Now that we’ve mentioned influencers, allow us to demonstrate just what kind of an impact they can have on your conversions and engagement.

If you partner up with a blogger/vlogger with an enviable social media following, you get the chance to broaden your own following by appealing to their fans. Let’s take Zoella for instance – she uses to share her beauty secrets and collection of cosmetic products with millions of fans. Just one of her stories or posts attracts an unrealistic number of shares, tweets, and comments – now imagine what would happen if your product would find itself mentioned in one such post. Influencers’ ways are not always as subtle, but what is important here is that people seem to respond well to this form of marketing.

Nevertheless, note that there’s still a lot to learn about reaching out to influencers and getting them to play for your team.

Final words:

But it is not just about the information you can acquire about your customers and finding new ways to reach out to them – it is about providing them with an opportunity to get to know you better. Social media platforms became go-to places for people who are looking to familiarize themselves with a particular business better. Your Facebook page will serve as the main source of info about your products and upcoming events, and will likely even contact you directly via private message.

Here is where you step on the scene and show just how much you care about your customer satisfaction. Now that you have all these facts presented – how fast will you have someone respond to their query?

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