The Value Of Advertising With Printed Brochures

Advertisingby Arnab Dey06 November 2023


One might think that with so much of the world’s business dealings moving to online spaces, the art of printed promotional material might be waning, and eventually become extinct.

The truth is quite the opposite, however, today’s businesses are relying on the value of the printed word to get their message out now more than ever! 

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, businesses have been using advertising practices like brochure printing for centuries, but why are they still doing it now in the age of the internet? Because it’s a tried and true marketing technique with a long-established history of success.

Just because a practice is old does not mean it has lost its value, to the contrary, printed brochures demonstrate that your business has a high level of reliability, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. If you aren’t yet convinced that paper advertising is not obsolete, but still maintains a high value, here are some more issues to consider:

Cost Effective

Considering some of the shockingly high price tags we have seen being asked for online marketing plans, the printed brochure is a very reasonable, low-cost option, with a wide variety of options to fit any advertising budget.

A brochure isn’t just an ad for your products and services, it can also serve as a business card that features your company’s contact info, as well as a kind of mini catalog showing off your wares. When a potential customer turns off their smartphone or computer, your brochure will still be there, in their hand or on the table, it’s a physical sign pointing to your business!

Ease Of Distribution


There are a myriad of ways you can distribute your brochures in strategic locations where the public is sure to find them. Hand them out at trade shows or on the street.  Anywhere there are people you can spread the printed word about your business and all that it has to offer them.

To make a big impression put a little more of your advertising budget into producing giveaway swag like key chains, tote bags, T-shirts, and toys with your branding packaged along with the brochure! This is sure to attract potential customers, and there is a higher chance they will read your brochure’s information and have a positive opinion of your company now that they have a souvenir with your name on it!

A Personal Touch

There’s something more intimate about holding a piece of paper with interesting information in your hand than there is viewing that same information made of pixels on a screen. Brochures give your message a more personal touch, and will still be there waiting to be read even after the devices shut down.

The Australian Government’s Business Bureau has more information on marketing practices on their website that may prove useful. Now, print up those brochures and get them out there where people can see them, you and your profits will be glad that you did!

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