Artificial Intelligence Skills Are Demanded From Employees In The Labor Market Globally!

News by  sagnika sinha 09 October 2023

Artificial Intelligence Skills Are Demanded From Employees In The Labor Market Globally!

Artificial intelligence’s emergence in 2022 has seen a steady increase in the use of AI skills in different professional fields. People have been questioning the implementation of Artificial intelligence in jobs and the labor market!

The day-to-day changes observed in the market due to AI to which the labor market will have to adapt. In 2023, the impact of AI is visible as the number of job postings on LinkedIn related to AI or generative AI has doubled.

The data was collected from LinkedIn’s jobs and networking platform between July 2021 and July 2023! Ofcourse, there have been significant increases in some countries compared to others regarding the demand for AI skills in the labor market.

On the global average, the U.K. saw a significant rise in job postings on LinkedIn, where AI skills are in demand. The surge has been almost 2.3x, while France saw a jump of 2.8x in artificial intelligence skills-related jobs.

For Germany, the job roles related to artificial intelligence increased to 2.6x! According to the vice president of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for LATAM and EMEA, Olivier Sabella, the change is happening across different industries. The demand for artificial intelligence from various job roles has significantly increased!

AI will become a bigger part of job roles and responsibilities in the labor market! The prospects of employees are being judged based on their artificial intelligence skills, and based on the LinkedIn job posts, generative AI is seen in demand for application growth to almost 17%.

In some countries, AI is not being celebrated or given importance as much as others by professionals on a global scale. Not all countries are as keen on using AI in all industries or markets; however, AI demand is reflected in how tools and products are being shaped and developed.

The pace of the market is increasing significantly, especially with the involvement of AI. It is considered one of the most significant AI skills being measured or calculated in the market.

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