3 Benefits Of An Attitude And Community Survey To Help You Cover All Of Your Bases Before A Court Trial!

Legalby Mashum Mollah28 June 2021

Attitude And Community Survey

To win your court case and succeed at trial, you need to use specific methods to get the public involved. By having the demographic area back your point of view in the case and fight for you, you can influence the jury, the peers, and the judge to strongly consider your argument during the court case to help your client get off scot-free!

3 benefits of attitude and community surveys!

There are numerous benefits that you will gain from running a community survey before a court case. If you are trying to gain more information, collect data about a specific group,

1. Collect meaningful data

1. Collect meaningful data

One of the best ways to figure out the attitudes in your community is to collect data. This data can help give you an idea of what the people in your area are thinking, their belief systems, and their lifestyles. Small businesses are known to succeed when they gain data – the same can be said for lawyers in court cases!

Data-focused surveys and interviews are a great way to keep the information clear and concise without any personal views getting in the way. Before you go to trial, consider asking your community some of the following questions:

     What are your thoughts on violent crime?

     Do you think the death sentence penalty is too harsh or appropriate for violent crime?

     Should attempted murder have the same prison sentence as first-degree murder?

By figuring out the community’s viewpoints on tough issues like this, you can figure out what is going on around you. Even if you have used a community survey before, you need to constantly reassess when it comes to new trials and new juries.

2. Give your community a reason to speak2. Give your community a reason to speak

Asking your community what they think about the court system and the current trial is the only fair way to really see what the people around you are thinking. Without a community survey, how can the people in your geographical area be heard by the justice system?

Especially in current times and the past year where social distancing kept us apart from one another, community surveys are important now more than ever. With people back out in society, we need to figure out how they feel about social justice issues and the legal system as a whole.

3. Strengthen relationships in the community

3. Strengthen relationships in the communityThe final benefit of using attitude and community surveys for your court case are to strengthen relationships in the community. If you are fighting a court case and need the jury and the public on your side, carrying out community surveys makes the public feel heard, seen, and respected. By getting the entire community on your side, you can try to influence and sway the jury’s opinion of your point of view when it comes to the trial.


Carrying out a community survey and attitude survey before your court case is essential to being prepared and getting the general public to understand your point of view. When the masses understand where you are coming from, public opinion can greatly sway a jury to go with your argument during a court case!

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