Top 7 benefits of using pistol lights – Why you NEED one!

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Pistol Lights

If you are a gun owner, you know how important safety and handling are when using firearms. Just because you are old enough to buy a weapon or you have the funds to purchase a gun, this doesn’t mean that you are a responsible gun owner. Learning the safety of how to hold a gun, fire a gun, and carry a gun are very important when it comes to keeping you and others around you.

After all, people have guns for a variety of reasons. Some people will only keep a gun in their nightstand or a safe if they find that they are in trouble in their own home. Other people carry a gun around during their daily life if they feel unsafe where they are currently living. Other people enjoy using guns at firearm ranges or for hunting.

Whatever the reason, gun safety is one of the most important questions – and most talked about – issues in our society today. People need to know the rules behind guns, laws behind gun use and purchase, and accessories to use on firearms that keep everyone in society safe. If people didn’t know how to use guns and they were able to purchase from a local store, this could lead to an uptick in deaths and firearm accidents.

To avoid any accidents with unsafe gun practices, children getting ahold of guns, or shooting at an innocent person, using pistol lights is one of the best practices to use as a responsible gun owner. A pistol light is simply a type of flashlight that gun owners can use in tandem with their guns. It can be used with almost any type of firearm, to provide a low beam of light that allows the person holding the gun to get a better view of what they are looking at.

If you think that someone has broken into your home and you are holding a pistol, using the pistol light will be the difference maker between seeing if the person is an intruder or if they are someone you know walking through your door. Using this simple accessory can really be the difference between life and death – let’s see the main reason that every gun owner should use a pistol light when it comes to keeping themselves and others around them safe and out of harm’s way.

Identify people at night

If you are coming out of your house and you notice that someone is lurking around your backyard, using the pistol light will be able to tell if the person is a robber or if they are a friend pulling a practical joke. Using the pistol light is the only way that you can safely see in the dark and avoid shooting someone innocent or someone you know.

There have been too many stories in the news of people accidentally shooting someone that they knew because they were not able to see clearly – however if you are in a position where you need to reach for your gun and you cannot turn on a light, then using a pistol light is the only way that you can provide confirmation of what you are seeing.

The same goes for using your pistol when you’re outside of our home – if you are in a dark and abandoned parking lot and you feel unsafe for your life, then consider using your pistol sight to see if anyone is coming towards you, someone is attacking you, or someone is blocking the pathway to your car or to your house. Using a pistol light can help you identify your potential targets at night and help you avoid shooting an innocent person, animal, or anything else in the low-light scenario.

Control your firearm

Control your firearm

When you use a pistol light, you can increase the amount of control you have on the weapon. By properly using the pistol light, allows you to focus on using two hands on your firearm – instead of whipping out your pistol and unsafely using just one hand to fire randomly, using two hands is the fastest and the most effective way to fire a pistol at your target.

Using a pistol with one hand can reduce the accuracy of your shot and increase the safety issue when you are handling your firearm. Avoid any accidents while using your pistol by using a pistol light – after all, the pistol light will help the marksman and the owner of the weapon increase their precision and accuracy during shooting. And what type of marksman does not want to be more accurate when handling a weapon? The pistol light adds a balance of weight between both hands, helping you increase your control and accuracy when firing at both short and long-range targets.

Avoid intense recoil

Recoil is one of the after-effects of shooting a gun – you see people who use a machine gun or a rifle have a massive recoil. This can be a very strong and sudden force that people may not be prepared for when they are shooting with a bigger firearm. People have to be trained on how to prepare their body and their mind for recoil when using bigger weapons – and the same goes for using a pistol.

Although a pistol is smaller, you will still get a sharp recoil that you will immediately feel in your arms, fingers, wrists, hands, and shoulders. If you are shooting a gun for the first time – or you are new to using a weapon – the recoil can sometimes take you by surprise. However, by using a pistol light, you can minimize the recoil force and avoid any unintended jerking that can happen while shooting your weapon.

By providing a type of counterbalance and added weight that helps minimize the recoil, the pistol light will actually help you avoid moving off of your target between shots. This way you can fire multiple rounds at your target and increase your accuracy over various shots!

Identify an attacker

Identify an attacker

The fourth reason to consider using a pistol light is if you are being attacked or if you have a light shining brightly in your eyes. If you find that you are in the middle of a fight and you do not know how to react, using the pistol light is the only way that you can confirm the person attacking you is out to cause bodily harm. The person could simply be a friend trying to pull a prank – although a tasteless one – and you could end up seriously hurting or killing them if you use your pistol. By using the pistol light, you can determine who is encroaching in your personal space.

Not to mention, some attackers or people may use their own light to try and blind you so you are not able to see them as they begin to invade your space. If this is the case, using your own pistol light is the first way that you can fight back, potentially blind your attacker, and identify who is shining the light in your face. This can come in handy in many situations – in some cases, cops use their bright flashlights to shine their light in your general direction.

If you see a light in your face and you are unsure who it is, you could blindly shoot – avoid this from happening, and hitting a police officer or security guard, by using your pistol light to confirm who is pointing the flashlight in your direction.


The last reason to use a pistol light on your firearm is to add to the convenience factor of carrying around a gun. Most people who are carrying a pistol with them every single day of the week typically have other items that they also want to bring with them. If you are carrying your pistol, toolbelt, knife, or backpack, you might find that you are slightly limited in terms of convenience and mobility.

However, when you use a pistol light, you will always be able to remain mobile, agile, and on your toes – being able to think quickly on your feet by having a light source is sometimes the key to staying alive and staying safe in certain scenarios. Being able to shine a light on a potential attacker, figure out where you are in a dark location, and determine if a threat is coming towards you all help increase your agility and your versatility while you are out in the world.


Are you deciding whether or not a pistol light is worth it? In short, the answer is yes! Not only will a pistol light increase the safety of yourself and others while you are carrying a firearm, but it will help to identify any attackers, keep yourself safe at night, and get rid of any potential threats. An additional protection step that should be taken is hearing protection while shooting. Using the pistol light will help you see in the dark, fend off an attack, and verify your target before shooting – helping save the lives of yourself and others around you.

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