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Darkening Sheer

Light blocking fabrics are very available today and are also available in two different grades which are room darkening and blackout shades. They are both likely to help block most of the light coming into your room from outside. They are very helpful for light sleepers that are especially bothered by outdoor light but don’t want the room to be fully darkened. As a matter of fact, the fabrics used in room darkening have fewer layers than blackout fabrics which completely blocks light from entering the room. Room darkening materials have fewer layers of fabrics to make it possible for some light to pass through. However, they still serve the purpose of blocking about 95% of the light.

To make you fully understand this concept, we have to differentiate between room darkeners and blackout shades. Blackout shades offer complete darkness. This is the main reasons why they are perfect for night shift workers that need total darkness while sleeping during the day. They have multiple layers to make sure they are blocking up to 99.9% of the light entering the rooms. The fabric may block 100% of the light but there’s some light that may get to the room from the gaps on the sides of the shades.

If you are troubled to catch some sleep from your bedroom due to more light or even if you want to enjoy a movie in a theater, you need to get rooms darkening sheer shades. You don’t have to bear the issues of bright light rays because you can gain respite by installing room darkening sheer shades. They are very beautiful and at the same time efficient. They are very effective in blocking some light. What this means is that you can now enjoy watching your favorite movie or TV show or even enjoy some sleep without any troubles.

The three main functions of blackout curtains:

Blackout curtains have a couple of uses but ultimately serve three main functions.

  • Block light-This is the main and the sole purpose of blackout curtains. There are several brands in the market and most of them block light up to 99%. They are very useful for people who work at night and those that suffer from some health problems and in some greater heights for people who have unusual sleeping patterns.
  • Block noise-Noise is another factor that makes it hard for someone to sleep. Most of the blackout curtains in the market can block noise up to 25-30% making it easy for you to get better sleep.
  • They save energy-This is another function of blackout curtains. They can trap energy in during the winter and at the same time keep heat out during the summer times. As a matter of fact, 10-25% of all the heat goes in and out through the window.

The best room darkening sheer option:

There are several options that are available today in the market but you need to be well versed with the options you go for to be sure you have the best value for money. The best option, in this case, is to get Zebra shades. Blackout sheer Zebra shades offer the best value for money and at the same time services all the functions without any hustle.

High-end curtains blackout curtains can be very expensive. In most of the cases, they can add up to $100 or more. The good thing is that you can find Zebra shades at a cost of less than $100. As a matter of fact, premium zebra Dual sheer blackout shades cost $69.55 and they are available in a vast collection of colors including white, Beige, Brown, Grey, Cardet blue, charcoal, and mushroom.

There are several reasons why Zebra shades are the best option. As a matter of fact, they are available in two mount type-in mount and out mount with two control types including Corded and motorized control types.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an interior designer not, you can achieve your dream home with their few modern twists from their popular signature collection. Zebra shades also serve the purpose of blocking light, sound and regulating energy regardless of the point in time.

As I had already stated, they retail at a fair price and so you will not have to scarify a lot of your financials to control light, energy, and noises. You minimize the sound and energy costs and at the same time save a lot on your room control systems.


Zebra shades have the below features that make it the best option in the market.

  • A couple of colors to choose from
  • They are very easy to install-You can either choose to install them inside or outside the window frames
  • They also feature cordless design-This design is very great for children safety especially for households with little children.

What to know before buying blackout shades:

With all the options that are available in the market, you have to spare some time and research to get all the know-how you need before you settle for any blackout shades.

  • Color-As I have already indicated, Zebra shades are available in multiple colors and hence you should make up your mind about the color you need before you settle for any of them.
  • Maintenance-The another factor you should heavily consider is maintenance. You should settle for a shade that requires little maintenance to reduce maintenance cost and manage your time.
  • Price-Lastly, consider what you are willing and able to pay. Depending on your budget, you can get exactly what you want.

The bottom line:

There are several alternatives that are available in the market today but the quality and the functionality of blackout shades you get will make the difference. Zebra shades are the best alternative that you should go for. Actually, they are a fun way to get the conducive in-room environment no matter the season of the year. You don’t have to struggle the entire year with light, noise and uncontrolled energy in your bedroom, order now and your naptime will be more comfortable.

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