How to choose the best Roofing Software?

Technologyby Arnab Dey20 January 2022

The days of manually evaluating paper and pencil work on construction sites are over. For roofers, there are many software platforms that can help simplify the appraisal process, improve pricing, and save time and money.

This guide is organized to help you better understand the roofing and siding software market.

What is roofing and siding software?


Roofing and siding contractor software is designed to simplify the day-to-day work of professional roofing and siding companies.

From sales research to quotation evaluation, ordering, accounting, and project management implementing an effective roof and cladding construction management field complete – best roofing CRM will increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability at every stage.

General features of roofing and cladding software

Roofing and Siding Software is commonly sold as a suite of niche applications and modules for roofing and siding contractors. However, some popular construction software providers may offer roofer add-ons.

Typically, as new niche vendors emerge, you gain access to a broader set of features, but risk not getting the support and other services that you would expect from a good software vendor.

Below is a table that summarizes the common features of most of the roofing and cladding contractor software platforms.

  1. Device Tracking. You can track which employee checked which device. Track the maintenance history of your equipment.
  2. Are you planning to combine several projects at the same time? It is based on maximizing employee productivity and efficiency and scheduling work to be completed on time.
  3. Management Keeps track of all parts and materials and avoids work in progress.
  4. Customer Relationship Management. Store customer information in a database to easily view customer contact information and work order history.
  5. Track contractors’ salaries and manage receipts, invoices, and other expenses.
  6. A smartphone camera is used to capture images of work in progress for sending to clients and other contractors.
  7. Aerial measurements. GPS aerial maps make it easy to determine the size of your roof and make quick recommendations.
  8. Auction Management. Collect all your auctions in one place to track their status.

Roofing and cladding software includes most of the standard features associated with construction management software. These functions include scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), quote evaluation and recall, document management, and accounting.

Most of these features are available in any building management software, but choosing a reputable program specifically designed for roofing and siding has great benefits.

The main benefit of a roofing or cladding program is that it contains niche-specific product and supplier/subcontractor information. For example, inventory, accounting, and order management systems include titles, photographs, and prices for roofing materials.

It can also be integrated with manufacturers’ systems and catalogs, making ordering much easier. It also includes a default category of subcontractors that you might need.

Roof & Facade Builder Software Review


There are many programs that roofers and field workers can use to improve office efficiency. Some of these will be fully integrated packages designed for large companies working with multiple suppliers and subcontractors.

Others will be the best solution designed specifically for that niche. The most important factor in evaluating these systems is the identification of basic needs.

If you want to learn more about the opportunities that specialized software will provide you for your roofing and siding business, then go to this site, and we will be happy to discuss all the details!

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